An Intro About Power Tool Batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-04-08
Cordless power tools may be heavier than wired power tools, but additional mobility is important for both homeowners and professional artisans.Advances in battery technology make cordless power tools as powerful as wired power tools.Putting more power into a battery of the same volume will definitely extend your tool\'s use time away from the power supply and what kind of work it can do.
Therefore, the main goal of battery manufacturers is to manufacture batteries with longer running time, greater power and smaller weight.The nickel-cadmium battery is the first cordless electric tool, but the nickel-metal hydrogen battery is more efficient than it is.Recently, the battery technology in most new tools is lithium ion.
The lithium ion battery has a larger capacity, so it can last longer between charges.This makes them perfect for those who have worked on the tool for quite a long time, because adding time means using the tool longer before it needs to pop up the battery.In addition, the charging properties of nickel are not shown for lithium ion batteriesBattery based.
You don\'t need to look after the charging process.You can set it to charge and move without the need to worry about damage caused by overcharging or incomplete discharge.Another advantage of lithium ion batteries for power tools is that it is lighter than nickelBattery based.
Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density, which means they can be charged at any given volume.Finally, lithium-ion batteries of different sizes and shapes are easier to manufacture, which is why some manufacturers now put them in the handle of the tool to save space and provide a balanced housing.However, lithium-ion batteries also have their disadvantages.
First of all, putting them on the handle of the power tool means to replace the battery, you need to send the entire power tool back to the manufacturer or ship it to the repair center.Also, in addition to the new power tools you plan to purchase, there are very few lithium-ion batteries in your old model.Therefore, the first step in purchasing a replacement battery for an electric tool is to find the battery that exactly matches the same rated power.
As long as you can guarantee the quality of the replacement, there is no need to purchase the replacement battery from the same manufacturer.However, in places where the old battery is well served, it is better to buy the same battery as a replacement if you can find it.When you are looking for a replacement, you can bring the old battery or note the model number on the case.
Rated voltage and capacity of the battery.So, look forward to knowing what volts and amps are-Rated number of hours for the replacement battery you intend to purchase.These two, amps-Hours are more important because it determines the duration of the battery.
However, the higher the voltage and ampsFor an hour of battery, the longer and stronger the power tool will perform.The battery is usually in amps.hours of 1.4, 2.4 and 3.0 amp/hour rating.You can find these words on the battery.Another consideration when choosing to replace the battery is the charging time.It is impractical to have a cordless power tool, it needs to be charged every hour after use, and the charging time is very long.
The suggestion is to choose a battery that is longer to use and faster to charge in order to rechargeUse as soon as possible.You can purchase a replacement battery at a dedicated tool store or online store.Online, you can order from a website dedicated to home owners and professional users.
Here you will find a wider range of batteries to choose from and a better price.Some buyers prefer to buy from big brands on the market.g.Pastoral Bosch, etc.In general, the batteries of these manufacturers perform well, but may also be more expensive.
You should consider buying previously highly rated batteries from buyers and users like you, no matter what brand they are, as long as you are sure that the battery is right for your power tools
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