American scientists have developed a perfect lithium iron phosphate battery that can solve the problem of battery life of new energy vehicles

by:CTECHi     2021-09-07
According to reports, the team of Professor Chaoyang Wang from Pennsylvania State University has developed a thermally regulated lithium iron phosphate battery (TMB), which can simultaneously solve the two major problems of today's new energy vehicle 'range concerns' and 'charging time concerns'. Specifically, the lithium iron phosphate battery can last about 250 miles with only 10 minutes of charging, and the battery life exceeds 2 million miles, and the cost is only comparable to that of a traditional internal combustion engine. This battery meets all the requirements for the large-scale popularization of electric vehicles, namely, low cost, no mileage anxiety, ultra-safety, long life, and full climate. It can help achieve the goal of bringing electric vehicles into thousands of households. The researchers said, 'We have developed a battery for electric cars for the general public, and its cost is comparable to that of internal combustion engine cars. This battery no longer has mileage anxiety, and it is affordable.' The research results were published on January 18. The world's most journal in the field of energy, 'NatureEnergy' (NatureEnergy). The researchers pointed out that the key to long life and fast charging is the thermal stimulation technology previously developed, also known as self-heating technology. Simply put, it can quickly heat the battery to about 60°C before charging the electric car, and quickly cool the battery to ambient temperature after stopping the charging. 'This will not cause the thermal attenuation of the battery, and can also avoid serious SEI film growth.' Using this self-heating technology, the researchers said that the production of the battery can use low-cost materials as the positive and negative electrodes, and it is safe and low-cost. Voltage electrolyte. The cathode is thermally stable lithium iron phosphate and does not contain any expensive key materials such as cobalt. The anode is made of large particles of graphite, which is a safe, light and cheap material. Wang Chaoyang pointed out, “This kind of battery reduces weight, volume and cost. I am glad that we finally found a battery that will benefit the mainstream consumer mass market. This is how we change the environment, not just to promote luxury cars. Development. We can make electric cars affordable for everyone.'
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