Amazon\'s Private Label Efforts Show Why Its Stock Is a Buy

by:CTECHi     2019-12-14
Amazon. com (AMZN -Get Report)
Entering the skin care industry this week, the company has developed a new range of moisturizers, eye creams and freckle remover.
This is not the first time Amazon has opened a shop in the virtual aisle of its partners.
With the addition of skin care, Seattle now has 138 private labels.
This is probably just the beginning.
This is one reason why investors continue to buy Amazon shares.
The motivation behind the skin care series Belei is revealed in the official press release.
Amazon wants to position its core population as busy, middle-and-middle-income shoppers whose products can solve the most important problems while providing great value.
The range ranges from $9 to $40, including vitamin C and E.
This is a set of products that are ticked in many boxes.
All this is not accidental.
Amazon is at its core.
Com is a data business.
The company has been carefully collecting every page view, every order and product search for customers.
This information is valuable and massive.
The company seized the pulse of online shopping.
It knows exactly what customers want and how much they are willing to pay for it.
It\'s really an unfair advantage for retailers to fight againstor-
Missed product development or seating-of-the-
Pants start a business.
The luxury has attracted the attention of politicians. Sen.
Elizabeth Warren, candidate for president of the United StatesS.
The president, who is pushing legislation to break Amazon and other big technology companies that control the market, while competing directly with sellers.
Her allegations against Amazon are convincing.
But it may not go anywhere.
It\'s simple, Bailey and other Amazon.
Com does not hurt consumers with its own brand products-
At least not yet.
Now they offer more options at eye-catching prices.
The greater interest of Amazon shareholders stems from the dominance of its platform. Its private -
Label products are classified as follows.
Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University\'s Stern business school, put forward a compelling argument that the company intends to change the consumer\'s perception of the brand.
Galloway claims that consumers are starting to buy goods, not brands.
They search for batteries, not Dulak.
When they add a brand to their search, Amazon.
According to the New York Times, com algorithms play a virtual role to a certain extent to ensure that their brands also appear.
No wonder Amazon infrastructure is by far the best-selling battery on the Internet.
This advantage will only accelerate as more and more people use their popular voice assistant Alexa to store regular household items.
Despite all the scrutiny, Amazon managers have not slowed down.
They are stepping up the launch of their own brand goods.
They are building their business through platform data to compete face-to-face with partners.
In last October, the company launched an acceleration plan brazen to create more new brands of its own.
The number of brands in the company has increased nine times since 2016.
Sun Trust Robinson Humphrey, an investment research firm, estimates that Amazon\'s private brand sales will increase from $7 to $25 billion by 2022.
According to The Times, it was 5 billion per cent in 2018.
The forward earnings of Amazon shares are 45x.
Market Capital has expanded to $870 billion.
These numbers are not cheap.
However, this is one of the greatest businesses ever.
It is taking advantage of its data reserves to move into new business areas.
It takes advantage of the platform to ensure the success of these emerging businesses.
Over the next few years, its stock is bought in any weak situation.
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