Airbus studies dropping lithium-ion battery for A350: sources

by:CTECHi     2019-12-09
PARIS/New York (Reuters)-
Airbus in Europe is considering giving up lithium.
Several people familiar with the matter said that as investigators investigated the Boeing 787 security incident, the ion battery and the traditional battery on the A350 aircraft switched back to the original battery.
They say the move comes as the aerospace industry rethinks more broadly whether powerful but subtle backup energy systems are technically \"mature\" or predictable.
Industry executives, insurance companies and security officials told Reuters that the predictability of the technology is being questioned by senior executives as investigators work to find out why the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ran aground.
A person familiar with the industry said: \"People are increasingly suspicious of this technology --\"
Extensive discussion on this issue.
\"It is likely to be the future, but for now it is a mature issue.
The information about these two events is not reassuring. ” The U. S.
The National Transportation Safety Board, which is inspecting a fire that occurred 787 kilometers a month ago at Boston airport, said on Thursday that it had identified the location of the fire but had not identified the cause.
A similar investigation is underway in Japan.
EAD, spokesman for the European Aerospace Defense Group.
Airbus said it will look at the results of American Airlines. S.
\"Let\'s not go beyond ourselves.
NTSB has not yet concluded that the investigation is still in progress.
He added: \"All options are open.
France\'s handsome Saft S1A.
The PA, which produces new and old batteries for Airbus, did not respond to requests for comment.
Last month, it insisted on lithium. ion was safe.
The A350 will be the second large passenger plane to use lithium.
After the Dreamliner, ion batteries for backup power were first used in passenger transport to support an increasing number of electrical systems.
Airbus said last week it had a plan B for the battery and had time to deal with any rule changes.
However, industry insiders said that the possibility of Airbus switching to nickel is being shortened according to the latest comments from NTSB
The cadmium technology used on jets like the a380.
\"It\'s a classic risk.
Management issues.
\"If you don\'t know the reason for the incident, you can\'t quantify the risk that it will happen again,\" an international security official told Reuters . \".
\"In this case, you have no choice but to take a step back for the time being and rely on a better understanding.
Experts say Airbus could be under pressure if 787 of the survey does not provide a clear answer soon
Avoid finding problems and switching solutions to avoid development risks.
Airbus plans to make its first A350 flight in the middle
Next is a year of flight testing and certification, during which time,
Engineering may increase the risk of delays.
The A350 will be delivered in the second half of 2014, about two years later than originally planned.
Reduced nickel-
Cadmium means sacrificing lithium with a lighter weight.
Of the 270 to 350 passengers, the equivalent of an adult male passenger on the A350.
\"Weight-to-risk \"--
Nick Cunningham, an aerospace analyst with London\'s institutional partners, said: \"ions are the smallest . \". Boeing (BA. N)
Declined to say whether the same changes were being considered to resume the service of its fleet.
\"We are just focused on addressing this issue and working closely with regulatory and investigative authorities,\" a spokesman said . \".
Boeing says the United StatesS.
Lithium selected by Planemaker
Ion batteries because they meet the performance and design goals of 787 best.
\"During or after the 787 design period, nothing we learned led us to change the basic assessment of the technology,\" the company said . \".
Thanks to its highly electric design, replacing many hydraulic systems, the 787 consumes more power than the a350.
Aircraft and battery manufacturers say lithium
Ion is safe, but it is still in the early stages of use during commercial flights.
Airbus and BoeingBA. N)
I have learned from past development dilemmas that it is worthwhile to solve the problem as early as possible, rather than having to make expensive modifications that consume cash.
Insurance companies have also taken a more cautious approach to lithium.
Ion batteries, warning underwriters to consider the risks more carefully in ways that might mean higher prices for airlines.
Global Aerospace in London
Pool, Boeing\'s main insurer, has said the aircraft maker has covered ground and compensation.
The question is, how much will it cost for others to get the same coverage in the future, or to get any coverage where volatile battery technology is involved. A senior U. S.
When asked how the Boeing 787 incident will affect the ability of others to insure, insurance executives said: \"It\'s just a price issue.
\"At least two major insurance companies are communicating with employees about the scientific issues behind lithium --
Ion, the risks associated with its use and the cautious attitude they should take in the written policy. Lithium-
Ion batteries have been on the radar of the insurance industry for quite some time.
The industry\'s biggest concern is that when the battery is stored in large quantities and on fire, the cost can cause a fire and thus destroy the inventory.
\"Industry insiders may never have thought it would eventually happen on a passenger plane,\" the insurance executive said . \".
The fire Research Foundation convened members in Baltimore on August 2011 to discuss lithium-
Ion safety risk, attended by some of the largest companies in the United StatesS.
Property Insurance Company
They concluded at the time that more research was needed on packaging design and the most effective fire
In the Boeing investigation, the airline regulator is now considering some of the same issues.
According to the minutes of the meeting seen by Reuters, The Aviation Working Group of the meeting specifically pointed out that one of the issues to be considered is \"fire in flight \".
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