Airbus studies dropping Li-Ion battery for A350 - sources

by:CTECHi     2019-12-09
PARIS (Reuters)-
Airbus in Europe is considering giving up lithium.
Several people familiar with the matter said that as investigators investigated the Boeing 787 battery problem, ion batteries were switched back to traditional batteries on its new A350.
They say the move comes as the aerospace industry reflects more broadly on whether powerful but subtle backup energy systems are technically \"mature.
Industry executives, insurance companies and security officials told Reuters that the predictability of the technology is being questioned by senior executives as investigators work to find out why the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ran aground.
A person familiar with the industry said: \"People are increasingly suspicious of this technology --\"
Extensive discussion on this issue.
\"It is likely to be the future, but for now it is a mature issue.
The information about these two events is not reassuring.
\"The National Transportation Safety Board checked a car parked on 787 at Boston airport a month ago for a fire and said on Thursday it had identified the location of the fire but did not identify the cause, and mentioned the long term investigation that may be conducted.
EAD, spokesman for the European Aerospace Defense Group.
Airbus said it will evaluate the results of American Airlines. S.
Battery survey: \"Let\'s not go beyond ourselves.
NTSB has not yet concluded that the investigation is still in progress.
The spokesman added: \"Airbus has always kept all options open.
France\'s handsome Saft S1A.
PA, which produces new and older batteries for Airbus, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The person in charge told Reuters last month that lithium
Ion will solve the problem of 787.
The A350 will be the second large passenger plane to use lithium.
After the Dreamliner, ion batteries for backup power were first used in passenger transport to support an increasing number of electrical systems. The top-of-the-line F-35 U. S.
Lithium is also used in fighter jets
Ion batteries, designed to start in a short period of time and start moving the wing surface in an emergency so that the pilot can land.
Airbus said last week it had a plan B for battery design and had time to deal with any changes to the rules of use.
However, experts say Airbus could be under pressure if the 787 survey does not provide a clear answer soon
Avoid finding problems and switching solutions to avoid development risks.
Aircraft manufacturers are planning to make their latest passenger aircraft debut at an estimated cost of $15 billion (9.
4 billion)
About in the middle of the year.
The next step is a year of flight testing and a complex certification process in which the focus of re-testing is dispersed
The project may cause obvious delays.
The A350 will be delivered in the second half of 2014, about two years later than originally planned.
These goals are challenging, the company said.
Investigators in the United States and Japan are looking at how lithium is
The ion main battery in 787 has heat out of control or overheating, which may burn out the battery and cause a fire that is difficult to extinguish.
Reduced to nickel that is not volatile-
Cadmium would mean reducing the weight of lighter lithium --
Of the 270 to 350 passengers and cargo on board, the ion battery is equivalent to a male passenger of an adult.
But according to the company, this is a fraction of the 40-ton savings on the A350 compared to the old aircraft.
\"Penalties on weight compared to Li-related risks
Ion is the smallest, \"said Nick Cunningham, an aerospace analyst with London\'s institutional partners.
Aircraft and battery makers say the technology is safe, but they recognize that the technology is still in its early stages of use in commercial flights.
Airbus and BoeingBA. N)
I have learned from past development dilemmas that it is worthwhile to solve the problem as early as possible, rather than having to make expensive modifications that consume cash.
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