after massive led streetlights drive, vmc now looking …

by:CTECHi     2020-02-26
Vijayawada: Vijayawada municipality, which focuses on saving electricity, decided to introduce solar street lamps on a large scale.
After the municipality began replacing all 32,296 street lights in the city with LED lights, it has saved huge sums of money.
Now, the goal of the VMC is to take advantage of renewable energy, so the company will replace the central-controlled LED lights with new solar lights.
The money we save is equal to the money we make.
Considering the future, saving per rupee is needed now.
Solar street lights are recommended, which will help save power.
In addition, there is no maintenance cost for these lights, added Municipal commissioner J Nivas, we plan to install solar-
The power light on the walkway and green space is trial, and once the trial is successful, we will replace all the lights, Nivas said.
Officials from the VMC engineering department are looking for modern solar lights that can reduce maintenance costs without the need for additional solar panels.
The Adiseshu chief engineer at VMC said that the accumulated dirt and dust on solar panels will reduce the efficiency of these renewable lights and that regular cleaning and maintenance is required for this purpose.
We want to bring advanced panels-
Less emergency lights built
He said it was on the solar panels at the booth.
Advanced Solar Energy
Rs light cost Rs 1. 60 lakh.
VMC will try out 55 lights, and the company hopes to save 2 rupees in electricity for these lights in the next five years.
These solar lights are fully maintained.
Free, very easy to install.
They don\'t need wiring.
\'People don\'t see the inside part of the battery or the light, and we hope we can save a lot on the electricity bill, \'said Adiseshu.
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