Advantages of using super capacitors in electric variable pitch systems for wind turbines

by:CTECHi     2021-07-05

There are two types of energy storage systems for the electric pitch system for wind turbines: one uses supercapacitors, and the other uses batteries. Batteries are an effective energy storage device for many applications, and the pitch system also widely used batteries as energy storage devices at the beginning. However, after the emergence of supercapacitors and their application to the pitching of wind turbines, its unique advantages have been fully demonstrated.

   The pitch system can continuously adjust the pitch of the blades to make it consistent with the working principle of the fan. This not only ensures that the fan maintains a constant power output and avoids blade fracture due to excessive mechanical pressure, but also reduces the mechanical pressure of the turbine structure, thereby prolonging its service life.

   As we all know, during the operation of the wind turbine, if the power grid fails, the wind turbine needs to activate the emergency backup system. The backup system is an energy storage system that can provide enough power to restore the blades of the wind turbine to the neutral position to achieve a safe shutdown and prevent the wind turbine from being severely damaged or even scrapped due to excessive or uneven wind.

  The wind turbine pitch system uses supercapacitors as the energy storage system, which has five major advantages over batteries:

  1. High power density u003d instantaneous release of high power. Unlike batteries, supercapacitors can release high power instantly, thereby ensuring that the blades can quickly return to the neutral position in the event of a grid failure. In view of the fact that supercapacitors charge much faster than batteries, supercapacitors can also provide high reliability in the case of short-term mismatch between power demand and power supply capacity. Dream weaving content management system

  2, is to reduce the total purchase cost. The initial investment cost of the electric pitch system using supercapacitors is the same as that of the battery system, but the electric pitch system using batteries (excluding energy storage devices) requires a more complicated charging and monitoring system, which leads to higher costs. A system using super capacitors requires fewer components, and mechanisms such as mechanical installation and vibration reduction are simpler than battery systems.

  3. It has a long service life and a predictable aging cycle. The average life of supercapacitors is 12 years under normal working conditions. This is mainly due to two points: one is that the supercapacitor can work in a wide temperature range from -40℃ to 65℃; the other is that it can operate reliably for 500,000 to 1 million times. Cycle charge and discharge. Unlike supercapacitors, the battery has a narrow operating temperature range, harsh environmental conditions and continuous charging and discharging will cause heavy damage to the battery, and the battery needs to be replaced every two to four years.

  4. There is no heating and cooling costs. Batteries are susceptible to extreme temperatures, while supercapacitors are fine. The battery needs a heating and cooling system. Therefore, the design cost of the battery system will inevitably be higher, and the super capacitor does not require this additional high maintenance cost. Good dream weaving, good dream weaving

  5, light weight. Battery energy storage systems usually have to adopt super-large designs to meet peak power requirements, and battery-based systems are relatively larger and heavier. Supercapacitors are significantly lighter, because the supercapacitors themselves can release high power instantly, which can fully meet the peak power demand, so there is no need to adopt an ultra-large design.

  In the long run, batteries will have high maintenance and replacement costs, and supercapacitors can avoid this cost. The wind turbine pitch system adopts super capacitors as energy storage equipment, which can save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and has a higher cost performance.

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