advantages and disadvantages of the lithium-ion battery

by:CTECHi     2020-01-27
The lithium-
Ion batteries are one of the most popular options for consumer and portable electronics.
High performance and fast charging cycles also make it a great choice for automotive, aerospace and military applications.
Here are some basic advantages of using lithium
Lithium Ion Battery: small lithium battery
Ion batteries are smaller and lighter than most other types of rechargeable batteries on the market.
Small size is a popular choice for all kinds of electronic products. High-
Energy density the energy density of this type of battery is very high, which is a very favorable choice compared to the replacement.
This means that the battery has the ability to provide a lot of power without being bulky.
High energy is huge for electricity
Are you hungry for tablets, smartphones and laptops. Low self-
Lithium battery discharge-
Low ion battery
The discharge rate is estimated at 1. 5% per month.
Slow discharge speed means that the battery has a long shelf life and it is possible to charge and use it more frequently than other options.
For example, metal-
Nickel hydrogen battery has a faster self
About 20% discharge rate per month.
Fast charging cycle is another reason why it is popular in daily lifeto-
Everyday electronics like phones and tables.
Charging time is only a small part of the alternative recently.
Long life of lithium battery
The ion battery has the ability to complete hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.
During the service life of the battery, the capacity may be reduced.
For example, after a total of 1000 cycles, it is possible to lose up to 30% capacity.
However, the loss of capacity varies depending on the type and quality of the battery.
The most advanced lithium
The ion battery is more likely to remain fully charged until about 5000
The discharge cycle is completed.
In addition to the wide, what are the shortcomings?
A series of advantages of lithium
There are also several disadvantages to the ion battery that need attention.
A common problem may be related to cost.
This type of battery is nearly 40% more expensive than its closest alternative.
One reason for the higher cost is the need to connect the battery with on-
A circuit board computer circuit that helps control current and voltage problems.
Also, heat can be a problem.
Any battery left behind or used in a high temperature environment will find that the performance and quality of the battery has dropped faster.
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