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by:CTECHi     2021-07-03
These days, you can do a lot of things with batteries, and their importance makes it impossible for us to imagine life without batteries in our daily life.From cars, motorcycles, all kinds of electric cars, boats, and even our lawn mowers, there are just a few examples of batteries needed.The battery is the main source of emergency power in case of failure and is also used in various electric vehicles.
Batteries made of sulfuric acid, water and lead plates are called lead-acid batteries.The most common battery types are wet battery types, which need to be maintained regularly by adding water.If you forget to add water regularly, these batteries will dry up and are badly damaged.
However, the gel battery does not require much maintenance as sulfuric acid is present in the form of a gel.The battery is sealed with a valve to eliminate excessive pressure.There is no risk of leakage due to gel-like substances, so it can be placed anywhere or anywhere.
But conventional batteries can only be placed in an upright position.Another advantage is that even if the battery is broken, there is no danger of overflow like a flooded battery.Gel batteries can also resist shock and shock.
They don\'t produce hydrogen smoke, so you don\'t need to worry about putting them in special ventilation areas when charging.They have higher discharge properties as deep cycle batteries.The best feature for me is that gel batteries can be restored to use, even if they can be discharged for a while, unlike wet battery batteries.
Another advantage of it compared to lead-acid batteries is that there is no memory developed to reduce the battery\'s charging capacity.These batteries can be used in many different applications, most importantly for electric wheelchairs, computer backup, ventilator in medical facilities, and solar power storage for emergency lighting.Electric vehicles are the most common examples of using gel batteries.
The batteries have also been approved and are being used by public transport and airlines.When you compare it to a battery of wet battery type, the heavy price tag for the gel battery is considered to be its main drawback.They also need to be charged at a slower speed compared to lead-acid batteries.
After the charge is complete, you also have to stop charging as it creates gaps with the electrolyte.The extent of the damage made it impossible to repair and therefore lost its charging capacity.In order to improve the life of the battery, you need to prevent the battery from heating, because the heat will affect the saturation of sulfuric acid.
I recommend using a gel battery because of its long life and low maintenance costs.You can buy gel batteries from any of the local hardware retail stores or order them online
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