a step closer to bendable phones: flexible lithium-ion battery unveiled

by:CTECHi     2020-02-04
We are one step closer to seeing a curved phone in the market.
A group of scientists led by Professor Li sang
Yang Yuanqing of the National Institute of Technology in Weshan, South Korea, announced that they have successfully developed the world\'s first flexible lithium-ion battery.
Please note that this is another time after Samsung\'s \"Youm\" flexible OLED display released on CES 2013.
The group is entitled \"non-printable, curved, and shaped --
Versatile integrated polymer electrolyte-
\"Molded lithium-ion batteries\" published in the German weekly science journal Advanced Materials \".
So, what makes these new batteries flexible?
Although standard lithium-ion batteries use liquefied electrolyte, these new juice pads are made of nano-materials and can be applied to any surface, and then the behavior of these surfaces is similar to that of a fluid.
Like polymer electrolyte
The latter material is the reason why the battery can be bent.
According to South Korea\'s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the breakthrough also addresses safety issues related to high temperatures.
According to the Bureau, there is a safety problem with standard lithium ion batteries using liquefied electrolyte, because the film separating the electrolyte may melt at high temperature, in which case the positive and negative may be in contact, causing an explosion.
\"This may explain the story we hear occasionally about the automatic burning of mobile phones.
With the emergence of a flexible OLED display, a fully functional, curved smartphone is no longer something in science fiction.
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