a materials perspective on li-ion batteries at extreme temperatures

by:CTECHi     2020-02-04
With the increasing demand for energy storage, people are increasingly demanding that batteries operate in extreme environmental conditions.
While they are at the forefront of technology
Ion batteries have long been restricted to room temperature because internal phenomena during operation can cause thermal fluctuations.
This is why the battery explosion in consumer goods recently occurred.
While traditional efforts to address these issues focus on thermal management strategies, Li-
Two low ion batteries (60 °C)
The various components related to the temperature itself, such as electrodes and electrolyte materials, so --called solid-
Electrolyte interphase.
This review reviews the recent research that Li-
From the material point of view, ion batteries that span a wide temperature spectrum (
-60 °C to 150 °C).
The structural stability of the promising cathode, the problem of anode passivation and the thermal operability of various electrolyte, adhesive and current collectors are compared.
The possibility provided by these cell components can expand the environmental boundary of commercial Li-ion batteries.
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