A Homemade Pressure Steam Washer

by:CTECHi     2019-12-09
Self-made steam pressure cleaning machine is a Laborintensive task.
But once it\'s done, it can be used for everything starting with the second cleaning
Sweep snow story windows from sidewalks or lanes.
The addition of steam components creates a high temperature environment that helps to disinfect the surface.
This makes the washing machine ideal for use on picnic tables and chairs.
At a local hardware store, you can find everything you need to make a high pressure washer.
Connect your two
Cycle the motor output shaft to the pump.
There are two torx screws on the pump that can be fixed to the pre-
Drilling casing of engine output shaft.
Build a rectangular base with a length of 5-
1/4-gallon tank
Inch steel pipe.
Use a jigsaw cutting pipe with a metal cutting blade.
The width of the rectangle should be 2-less than the diameter of your 5-4 inch-
Gallon tank.
Weld the rectangle with Propane welding device.
Water should be included in the kit-
Based on paste flux and brush and lead
Free pipe welding. Drill four 1/4-
The inches holes are equal in length along the frames on both sides.
These holes should go straight through the top of the pipe and go through the bottom all the way.
Set one end of each Ratchet Belt directly at each 1/4-
Inch holes on one side of the frame.
Fix the lag bolts in place by passing them through each hole and tightening them.
It is not safe to keep the other end of the strap as it will be used to keep the tank in place. Set the 5-
Gallon storage tank with stable surface. Cut an 8-by-8-
Inch square hole on the side of the tank with rotating tool.
Don\'t discard the piece you cut.
After the heater is installed, it will be welded back into place.
Once completed, this will be the top area of the tank.
Put the immersion heater into the tank.
There is no need to fix the heater, but you can use waterproof epoxy at the bottom of the heater if you wish.
Do not have any epoxy on the heating element.
It can cause internal fire, especially if the water tank is out of water.
Connect the battery dock to the epoxy of the water tank, right behind the cut.
Make sure 4 amps-
The hour SLA battery is in place and runs the waterproof wire from the positive and negative poles of the battery to the corresponding connection on the immersion heater.
The connection on the heater will be in the waterproof housing.
Starting from the first part, place the tank horizontally on the steel frame with the opening face facing up. Epoxy the two-
Cycle the engine and water pump to the top of the tank, just 8-by-8-inch hole. Drill a 1/8-
The inch hole in front of the reservoir, right above the metal frame it touches.
Run a period of 1/8-
Copper tube inch--
From the hole of the water tank to the entrance of the water pump.
Weld the pipe to the tank. Drill two 1/8-
The battery dock is behind the inch hole near the back of the tank.
These vents are necessary to prevent the formation of vacuum in the tank.
Pull the ratchet belt on the main body of the tank.
Place the end on four holes on the steel frame.
Fix the strap in place with lag bolts, just like the first one.
Ratchet each strap to the tight.
Remove the rubber gasket from the inside of the brass sweeper nozzle.
Insert one end of 1/8-
Insert the inch brass tube into the thread-free end of the sweeper nozzle.
Torch the end of the tube located inside the nozzle to create a larger surface to weld.
Weld two pieces together.
Replace the rubber gasket.
Flatten with a needle and squeeze the other end of the nozzlenose pliers.
Bend the pipe to 45-
Angle, about 8 inch from the nozzle of the sweeper.
Connect the sprayer nozzle to one end of the garden hose.
Connect the water pump adapter to the end of the garden hose and then connect it to the pump.
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