A fantasy story of a short circuit in a lithium-ion battery

by:CTECHi     2021-08-22

A long time ago, there was a fantasy world called 'Lithium Ion Battery'. The internal structure of the world is shown in Figure 1. There are three protagonists, the positive electrode, the negative electrode, and the diaphragm. Positive and negative are two good friends, but for some reason they are cursed. It is said that as long as they meet, terrible things will happen. Therefore, God sent a diaphragm to isolate them and never see each other. When the world is in peace, the positive and negative 'diaphragm' are hungry and thirsty. The diaphragm chosen by God always sticks to his position and separates the positive and negative electrodes. However, the diaphragm is not a ruthless person. He allows the positive and negative electrodes to maintain 'ion 'Contact, but they are never allowed to 'discharge.' (Note: The diaphragm is an 'insulator' for electrons and a 'good conductor' for ions.) But not afraid of 10,000, but just in case, the world will always be messy, due to mechanical abuse, thermal abuse, and electrical abuse, the representative of the diaphragm family We: PP film, PE film, PP/PE multilayer film, PP/PE-based coating film, and other polymer films can not withstand the toss, hang up, and the positive and negative electrodes are good friends. Together they started to be passionate. Bang, bang, bang In an instant, the world of lithium-ion batteries was wiped out. The souls of the three comrades, the positive electrode, the negative electrode, and the diaphragm, came to God. The positive electrode and the negative electrode complained to God at the same time: God, you have told the diaphragm about our curse, but he has not fulfilled his responsibility. We Hold him accountable! Because of the internal short-circuit, Comrade Diaphragm has carried a lot of pots. He used to have miserable words, but this time he chose to speak out and let God judge: Do you know who are throwing pots? It is not a good stubble. For example, the sister 'acupuncture' uses a high temperature resistant steel needle with a diameter of 5 to 8 mm at a speed of (25 ± 5) mm/s to penetrate from the direction perpendicular to the plate of the lithium ion battery. The penetrating position should be close to the geometric center of the pierced surface, and the steel needle stays in the battery. This sister's technique is simply better than that of Rong Rong's villain! Let me show you a video to get a feel for it. You said I can't break it like this. There is also the 'squeeze' buddy. Use a semi-cylinder with a radius of 75mm to squeeze from the direction perpendicular to the lithium-ion battery plate at a speed of (5±1) mm/s until the voltage reaches 0V or the amount of deformation. Only after reaching 30% or the squeezing force reached 200kN was I willing to give up. At first, I wanted to resist, but I had no choice but to 'squeeze' this buddy who was a violent maniac. I finally vomited blood and died! Look at the guy 'high temperature' again. For me, I used the strategy of boiling frogs in warm water. I increased the temperature from room temperature to 130°C ± 2°C at a rate of 5°C/min and kept this temperature for 30 minutes. The world of lithium-ion batteries is just like that. The inside of the box was baked mercilessly. Fortunately, I am not a vegetarian. At this temperature, I change my shape to achieve closed cells, and stick to it until the end. Anyway, I can’t let the positive and negative electrodes meet your good friends. , There are no doors! Take a look at the picture below, which is my hole. All my holes are closed during the crisis. In fact, 'acupunctureDue to the owner’s willfulness (low temperature and high current charging), bad luck (impurity particles introduced in the production), or some indescribable reason, dendrites quietly appeared, and one day finally broke through my line of defense, and the dendrites acted as The positive and negative magpie bridges. Hey, positive and negative, you bitches, the day when the Magpie Bridge meets is the time of your death! Even if you die, what does it mean to be a light bulb if you pull me on? After God was silent, he remembered the carelessness in creation (the impurity particles introduced in the production), the indulgence of the snowy night (low temperature and high current charging), and the small temper when he was in a bad mood (some indescribable s reason). After 5 minutes, God said: The conference is hosted by Xinju Information ('Lithium Battery Materials and New Power Supply Prospective Application Seminar and the 7th Lithium Battery and Key Raw Material Procurement and Distribution Conference'). Click to view the conference details, which will be held on July 10, 2019 On the 12th, it was held at Qiandao Hurunhe Jianguo Hotel, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 30+ lithium battery companies including CATL, ATL, BYD, Lishen, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, etc. visited the site and cooperated with Changyuan Lithium, Zhenhua New Materials, Rongbai Lithium, Umicore, and Beterui, Shanshan, Zichen, and Zhongke. Star City and other 200+ positive and negative material companies gathered in Qiandao Lake to participate in the industry's grand occasion! Stay tuned!

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