A British musical legend has released a pair of wireless speakers – the Riva Festival and Arena – designed to bring the spirit of the 1960s back into YOUR home

by:CTECHi     2019-12-03
There are many reasons why modern people feel hard.
But there is a rip that goes deep into the heart of any music lover: the quality of the audio we listen to is shocking.
Since the iPod came out, many of us have been dazed by horrible audio files or junk files playing on tinny\'s phone speakers --in-
A music system, although our parents like to be in decent hi-fi systems.
Now, one of the great figures of 1960 anti-culture, as well as a strong supporter of the music industry that broke out in subsequent decades, has decided to launch a second \"audio revolution \".
Riva Audio\'s founder Rikki Farr joined the music industry after an accidental meeting in Hamburg with John Lennon, and then held the first Isle of Wight music festival in 1967 --
One of the biggest non-hippie events
Military gathering in human history
He worked with some very smart scientists and technicians to produce two new speakers using a number of patented technologies to produce truly incredible sounds.
I spent an evening with Rikki and his team of Silicon Valley geniuses, drinking bourbon, listening to music and enjoying his incredible (
Can not print often)
Life story at the center of the golden age of music.
His mission is to re-introduce children and adults to the fun of playing music with the best possible quality, and say his device offers an experience as close as possible to live music in your living room
It took me weeks to listen to the speeches of the two speakers and I am happy to report that this hype actually makes sense.
There are two kinds of these devices --
Riva festival and Riva Arena
And the use of a patented technology called Trillium makes a lot of noise.
The arena is a medium-small pair that can be powered using a neat rechargeable battery pack.
I don\'t know exactly what magic is going on in its small shell, but it seems to break the laws of physics.
Usually, you need a very good speaker called subwoofer to reproduce the bass accurately.
It usually needs to be turned on loudly.
But the small box is able to give out thum bang bass, four times larger than the speaker, and has a greater impact and influence even if the volume is low.
I know this because I put it and my old-school hi-
Fi, it can\'t produce the same level of bass as the arena at all.
Frankly, this is the best small wireless speaker I \'ve ever heard --
I also have similar products from giants like Bower & Wilkins.
This will meet the needs of modern music lovers, while providing classic rock lovers with the delicate details they need at the high end
Classical music and jazz.
I tried it with Apple Music and Spotify.
Both use relatively low
Resolution Audio File-
I was surprised to hear the stiff sound.
Music gives a new life.
All of this comes from a speaker that is not much larger than the jar I put my coffee in, and costs only £ 225
Audio deals.
The price of the bigger festival is more than double the price, as you would expect, in ABSO-Induced volume.
It reproduces all the nuances of the music played through it and makes pants
Crisp and audible swing bass at low volume
The game was completely unsuccessful, I played modern grime and dubstep and was happy to hear every nuance of the sound, from the heavy bottom to the soaring high.
The festival is also good at reproducing music from rock bands, orchestras, and other ensemble groups, and somehow it gives each instrument its own space in the mix, which I \'ve never had before from a digital speaker
The two Riva devices are simple to use and the interface is simple and easy to understand, but provide powerful features to pair several Riva speakers in a larger system.
They can play music wirelessly from Apple or Android devices, as well as computers or tablets.
Of course, the success of wireless audio depends on many factors, especially home wi-fi network.
It\'s a bit annoying when the connection is disconnected, it\'s an impact on any need for good wi-fi connection.
But that being said, whenever I go to record my traditional hi-
Because some of the wires are loose, I always have to have a good old violin, so this is not unique to the digital age.
But the most important aspect of the Riva arena and music festival is the sound, which is the street before any other wireless speakers I \'ve tried over the years.
They won critics and awards at trade shows around the world.
Including CES 2017 Innovation Award
I know why.
If you buy speakers in the market, I think you will be very happy if you turn on, tune and throw hundreds of pounds on Riva speakers.
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