A breakthrough in battery technology, graphene batteries will be launched soon, performance far beyond ordinary lithium-ion batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-29

With the advent of graphene, batteries have also undergone a new development. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity and large storage capacity when used as a capacitor, many research institutions are committed to applying graphene to battery technology. In the past, due to the high cost of graphene, this kind of battery can only be made under laboratory conditions. The graphene that is actually used in products is not only limited by cost, but also in the capacity of new batteries. It has not reached the level of commercialization.

Last year, there was news of the commercialization of graphene batteries. Samsung's graphene batteries have been developed and may be used on GalaxyNote10. Compared with the traditional battery, the capacity of the battery developed by it has increased by 45%, and the charging process can be completed in 12 minutes. This is undoubtedly a major breakthrough for mobile phones with limited battery life. The application of this battery has also made some progress before this. Huawei has made certain progress in this battery. Although its graphene-based battery has not fully achieved the standard of this battery technology, it also makes traditional lithium-ion batteries. The applicable temperature of the battery has increased by 10°C, and the service life has been increased to twice that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries.

This time its battery can be regarded as a graphene battery in the true sense. This battery not only has a wider temperature range, but also has a longer life span, and Compared with ordinary lithium-ion batteries, this battery has a bigger breakthrough. Samsung has previously caused a wide-ranging explosion in its mobile phone due to the battery. This time it has a safer graphene battery. The competitiveness of its mobile phone products may be significantly enhanced. This is about other mobile phone manufacturers. Competitive pressure is even greater, but graphene batteries are the next phase of battery development. Although Samsung’s mobile phones use this type of battery, it will not be long before this type of battery will become a common accessory for mobile phone batteries. The resulting product advantages will not last long.

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