500w 12v-220v +charger power inverter

by:CTECHi     2019-12-22
There are a wide variety of power inverters available for you on the market.
A power inverter can be defined as an electrical device that converts DC to AC power.
Now you can get the required voltage and frequency with the help of Transformers, switches and control circuits.
This is a power inverter of 500 W 12 V.
220 V with charger.
Its weight is almost 2.
6 kg, it\'s reasonable to have so many good features.
We will only pay attention to some of its details, including its physical and internal features.
It is made up of alloy housing materials of magnesium and aluminum.
The input voltage is DC 12 V/DC 24 V and the output voltage is AC110V/220 V.
From its specifications, it provides you with a rated power of 500 watts, and a power of 500 watts for long-term use.
The output frequency recorded is 50 ± 2 hz. This 500W 12V-
The 220V charger power inverter does not have any USB connection.
It provides you with complete protection for overload and short circuit.
It provides low voltage protection for 9. 5V~10.
5 V/19 V ~ 21 v, over-voltage protection 14. 5V~15. 5V / 29V~31V.
The ambient temperature it provides to you is-
5 to 50, the net weight of the product is 1800 Gms.
If you look at the physical specification, you will find that it gives you L * W * H (in mm)as 223*160*75.
It provides you with some accessories, all of which are manual.
One of them is the lead and hexagon keys and you will get a colored box.
When you order this equipment, it comes with 10 cartons with a net weight of 24 kg/carton per carton and 26 kg for each carton.
Carton size is 430*380*432mm.
The static inverter does not have the ability to move any body part.
It is with this help that you can use them in different ways in many applications.
When you go out to buy an inverter, you need to first know the exact specifications of the inverter model you want to buy.
Whether all of these specifications meet your requirements;
Once you have done good research on these, you have to make a decision.
When you pay attention to a variety of power inverters, it can be very tempting to buy one.
However, for a power inverter, there is no good way, it will require a lot of maintenance costs in the future.
It\'s good that you should spend a lot of money in the first place and then very little maintenance costs. 500W 12V-
The 220V charger power inverter is a power inverter suitable for basic needs below 500 watts.
So, buy a power inverter that meets your needs and requirements to make you feel comfortable with your life and style.
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