5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Of 2019

by:CTECHi     2019-12-23
We buy our own products and put them under the same test method so you can compare them easily.
Unlike most websites, we don\'t get our products directly from the manufacturer, which means that our products are not featured and actually represent what you will buy yourself.
We spent a lot of time comparing products. by-
Verify our results and we keep them until they stop so we can keep going back and making sure our comments are always accurate.
Buying gaming headphones is often very different from finding a more casual day --to-day headphones.
Gaming headsets tend to be more shiny and bulky than the ones you use in your office or in your morning commute.
Considering that the headset designed for the game is less portable, it emphasizes the quality and customisation of the microphone.
It\'s hard to choose the right gaming headset for your needs, especially when considering the wireless model.
We have tested more than 157 wireless headsets and here are our top five tips for wireless gaming headsets.
SteelSeries Artis Pro Wireless: Best Game Title type: Over-
Earmuffs: off-backNoise-
Cancel: the best wireless gaming headset we have commented on so far is the steel series artitis Pro wireless. They’re well-
Built-in gaming headset with low USB wireless transmitter
The delayed wireless connection of the game also supports Bluetooth compatibility with mobile devices.
The wireless sound of steel series Arctis Pro is good.
They have an impressive audio reproduction, very good-
Not only for video game soundtrack and movie soundtrack, but also for a variety of music types.
They can mix audio from both sources at the same time so you can chat on your smartphone via Bluetooth while playing games on the console.
Arctis Pro wireless with excellent switchable dual
The battery system is the perfect choice for long-distance Games marathon.
Although Arctis Pro Wireless is as compatible with the steel series engine as with other Arctis products, Pro Wireless does not have microphone volume control.
Arctis Pro Wireless is also quite expensive and may not be worth the investment for everyone.
If it is important for you to be able to adjust the volume of your microphone and you are looking for a cheaper headset, check out version 2019 of the SteelSeries Arctis 7.
Pavilion NowAstro A50: comfortable gaming headset with base chargingType: excessive
Earmuffs: off-backNoise-
Cancel: If you are looking for a very comfortable gaming headset then the Astro A50 is worth considering.
They sound great and have an excellent microphone for multiplayer.
They also have a convenient wireless dock with many connection options and very low latency (32ms)
Games and movies.
The A50 has good wireless range and 13-
An hour of battery life, which should be enough for most game sessions.
They are compatible with the Astro Command Center, which allows you to customize their sounds using EQ and save different presets.
They also have dock charging which is easyto-
Use and look great on your TV stand.
Unfortunately, because there is no wired mode, they cannot be used without a base station.
They also take about 6 hours to fully charge, which is not ideal, but if you plug them in with a micro power supply, you can use them when they chargeUSB cable. Their auto-
To save battery life, the off function is also a bit too aggressive and can be frustrating at times.
Despite these limitations, the Astro A50 is still a wireless headset that will satisfy most players.
Buy now logitech G933: highly customizable headset for PC game type: Over-
Earmuffs: off-backNoise-
Cancel: No, if you are the kind of player who really likes to adjust your settings and have different profiles for every game you play, then change to Logitech G933.
The USB dongle they use is perfect for PC games or ps4.
The companion PC app provides you with a large number of customizable settings: the sound eq dts 7.
1 surround sound option and microphone monitoring.
They are also equipped with 3 programmable buttons that can be mapped to specific commands, a great touch to differentiate them from other gaming headsets.
The integrated rechargeable battery offers about 12.
5 hours of life which is average but they have an automatic
Turn off timers that can help save power.
USB dongle provides excellent wireless range (48ft)
And extremely low latency (22ms)
Perfect for watching TV between two games.
However, like most gaming headsets, they are not very portable and the accompanying USB dongle does not support microphone input when used with Xbox One.
Thankfully they come with a 1/8 TRRS cable that you can plug into your Xbox controller for microphone support.
When the battery runs out, you can also use them passively with the accompanying audio cable.
Buy NowHyperX cloud fly: excellent mic for multiplayer type: Over-
Earmuffs: off-backNoise-
Cancel: if you prefer a gaming headset that won\'t stand out from a more casual headset, HyperX Cloud Flight may only be for you.
These gaming headsets look rather casual and you can remove the boom microphones so they look more like everyday headphones.
The flight of the cloud is very good.
Balanced sound and excellent microphone to provide excellent recording quality and capture voice well.
Their battery life is very good, but in some cases;
If the led is off, they have nearly 30 hours of continuous playback and can be charged within 3 hours. 6 hours.
They have a good range of wireless (38ft)
Very low latency (20ms)
Perfect for playing games and watching videos.
Unfortunately, they are not compatible with supporting applications and therefore cannot customize their sound.
Also, like most gaming headsets, Yunfei is less portable, however, they can be used as backup connection options if the battery is dead or if you want to use it outdoors with your phone.
With all the factors in mind, HyperX Cloud light is a very good gaming headset, especially if you are looking for a headset that you can use at will.
NowCorsair HS70 store: well-
Low price built-in game headset type: Over-
Earmuffs: off-backNoise-
Cancel: If you are a limited budget player and don\'t want to break the bank through a wireless gaming headset, buy Corsair hs70.
This is a good gaming headset, very comfortable
Built at their price.
They sound great and are also a great choice for picky listeners who like to enjoy music at home.
The Corsair HS70 has an impressive battery that provides 15 hours of continuous playback and charging in less than 2 hours, which is very fast for gaming headsets.
You can customize their sound in the Corsair utility engine (iCUE)
Install the software by plugging them into the PC.
They have a wireless range of 45 feet and low latency (28ms)
This makes them perfect for playing games on the couch.
Unfortunately, the Corsair HS70 has a regular microphone for gaming headphones.
This is still OK for most people, but if you are a player with a limited budget and are very concerned about the quality of the microphone, you may consider a wired headset like HyperX Cloud Stinger.
This guide may have been updated.
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