4V Lead Acid Battery Charger

by:CTECHi     2019-12-12
/Update 02/2018. -
You can use any Li-
Ion charger for charging mobile phone 3.
7 v batteries as they are charged with 4. 2V DC.
But if you want to do one yourself. . .
Take a look at this description.
My first guide friend, so this is for those who are new to lead acid batteries, a cute little 4 V battery chargerSO we need to charge 4 V lead acid batteries, we just need a 5 V regulated power supply and let\'s make it. . . . . . Material1.
5 v voltage regulator. . . . . -----I. e . Ls78052.
Used to connect the battery to the head pin of circuit 3 or anything.
1N4001 rectifier diode 4.
The European Central Bank, bread boards and the like. . . . . . . .
First of all, you need a DC power supply greater than 7 volts for the battery charger to work properly, you can connect the laptop charger with the DC jack or use the set-top box adapter.
The output of the voltage regulator connecting the battery circuit is in the picture, my other item 1 Radio Module 2.
Function Generator 3
ICE for Arduino ide4.
Do not mind the capacitor, it is not used in the circuit. . . . . . . . . . . .
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