4g ultra-thin external battery case for iphone 7

by:CTECHi     2021-07-01
Almost everyone in the world knows that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world.But one downside is that the iPhone\'s battery is unreplaceable, which is really painful for the merchant group and the addict who plays mobile games.After the IPhone 4g appeared, Apple fans have always cherished it, but countless times in daily use, it will inevitably hurt the body.
In addition, Apple\'s products and back covers have always been a one-piece design, and it is almost impossible to \"change the shell and change the battery.Since we can\'t exchange it, we can only protect it.Install a battery box that can not only protect the iPhone, but also power the 4g function.
Designed for Apple\'s latest model of the iPhone 7, this product is called a portable backpack battery box with real-Charging status display time, power detection.With perfect protection circuit, it can effectively prevent the battery pack from passing throughCharge and discharge and provide short circuit protection for safer use.Although Apple\'s iPhone attracts thousands of attention every time it launches a new iPhone, it is clear that people are more concerned about whether the new phone is as good as Steve Jobs.
However, the answer to this question will soon be available.Like the iPhone 7 slogan \"This is 7\", the iPhone 7 has the ability to change anything.But it\'s like Antai, a giant in Greek mythology.
Although he has great powers, he still has some defects.Recently, many iPhone 7 users began to complain about the two major shortcomings of their mobile phone\'s vulnerability and mobile phone body will affect the signal, and caused widespread media attention.Apple later confirmed that the design of the iPhone 7 was indeed flawed, and Cook suggested that users \"change the way they hold the iPhone 7, try to avoid exposure to the bottom left corner of the metal border gap and Apple\'s official bumper rubber case released on the iPhone 7, which obviously does not satisfy the user.
At present, in addition to Apple\'s official bumper frame case, there is also a product that can effectively make up for the two major defects of the iPhone 7.Apple authorized certification-IFANS brand iPhone 7 backpack battery case Baseus.IFans basus is the thinnest phone plug in the worldOn the battery side, it is designed for the iPhone 7 with a unique square body using basus independent patented technology and unique design, iFans basus case is all in bracketsBattery case.
IFans Baseus phone case has been certified by Apple\'s MFi in the US, which is \"Made for iPhone certification \".Built-In the original LG lithium polymer battery, the power cost can be reduced when charging.Each charge can reach more than 78% of the power.
Built-In the original Apple connector, you are no longer worried about the damage of the iPhone interface.When using all the features of the iPhone, the clever design does not have to remove the shell.Fully protect our iPhone 7 from damage using durable ABS engineering materials, combining charging with case protection.
Ordinary metal integrated circuit design can effectively avoid short circuit or overtime charging even in extreme conditions with wrong operation.The Baseus battery box is equipped with a smart switch and an accurate power display to extend the service life of the built-in batteryIn the battery.Designed as a mini-chic, Baseus Apple backpack battery case inherits Appl\'s wisdom and minimalist style, tailored to the iPhone, and the width of the body is seamlessly matched with the iPhone.
At any time, all you need to do is plug your iPhone into it and then fix the problem of the iPhone battery running out for you.It can be used for different occasions, it is your lovely necessity whenever and wherever.The battery case of this mobile phone is stylish, small in size and very portable.
The large backpack battery capacity of 2500 mah makes iPhone storage more durable.The elaborate circuit design brings 100% care to your iPhone.The three-in-one power storage, power supply and data transmission realize charging, discharging and synchronous transmission through lines and sockets.
Reserve camera mirror holes and take photos without removing boxes.Smart protection is useful.In the case of overcharge, when the voltage is as low as 2.6 v, the power supply is automatically disconnected from the power supply.
Baseus is one of the leading fashion brands for Apple accessories, providing safe mobile power and excellent protection for Apple usersMore effective and safer highQuality phone case.Designed for iPhone 7, the smart iPhone 7 battery box can extend the working hours of the device and provide protection for the phone.1. before charging the mobile phone, you need to turn it off first.
This method can ensure that the user will not be charged.shocked.But for most people, while using the phone to charge, it has developed a bad habit and turned off the charging, but it is also easy to miss the phone, causing inconvenience.2. use the spare battery box to charge.The battery is separated from the body, and this method is still feasible.
This method is very helpful especially for Apple users.3. ensure the quality of mobile power supply.The safe voltage of the person is 35 V, and the safe mobile power supply is 5 V.
Possibility of direct cut off and direct contact with 220 v dc.Safe mobile power supply is easy to carry and can be charged anytime and anywhere.Fundamentally protect personal safety
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