18v power tools - the advantages of lithium-ion battery powered cordless tools

by:CTECHi     2019-12-20
In the past few years, the technology of cordless electric tools has advanced by leaps and bounds.
The NiMH battery replaced Ni-
Cad batteries in cordless power tools and now NiMH batteries are being replaced by new lithiumion (Li-ion)
Batteries have been introduced into the industry.
Many major tool manufacturers now use 18v Li-
Ion batteries in cordless tools.
One of these manufacturers is Maeda, whose 18v power tools are leading the way in using this new technology.
That being said, Li
Ion batteries have been used in other electronic devices such as laptops for a while, but have not started using them in cordless power tools until recently.
This is a big step forward in the construction and DIY industry.
Compared to older batteries, ion batteries have many advantages.
These new 18v power tools will benefit professionals and those who are just at home as hobbies to get into DIY.
One of the main benefits of a Li
Cordless tools powered by ion batteries are the time to charge quickly. A Li-
The ion battery can be completely renewed.
About 15-
Use the fast charger for 20 minutes while Ni-
The Cad battery takes several hours, usually longer, and even the NiMH battery takes a long time to charge.
This can waste precious time at work, or it can be very annoying if you forget to charge the tools you need right away.
Using traditional cordless power tools, you must remember to charge them the night before, or at least a few hours before you want to use them.
Another advantage of Li
Ion batteries are kept powered over time, not like Ni-
Cad and NiMH batteries.
You can give it to Lee-
Ion battery, put it for a few months and it still has some power when you use it again.
If you charge an old-fashioned battery and put it there for a few months, when you come to use it, it has no juice, so you have to put it on and charge it, wait a few months until you can use it completely. Li-
Ion batteries also often have two charges so you can work all day without having to wait for the charge.
They also have another advantage over the old batteries because they are very light considering the amount of electricity they provide.
This makes them both convenient and easy to use, even if they may not be used to holding tools for long periods of time for inexperienced people or amateurs.
Unless you are really strong, the tool to keep your eyes level for a long time can really hurt.
So it seems lithium-
Ion batteries 18v power tools are the future of cordless power tools because they have many advantages over older heavier batteries.
Many professionals are already using 18v power tools, and DIY for amateurs and families looks certain
To get all the benefits of this technology, ers will follow suit.
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