11 easy ways to make your iphone’s battery last longer

by:CTECHi     2019-12-30
Last week, a British inventor, Mr. James Dyson, made headlines about an invention that promised to extend the battery life of a smartphone, but it is still a few years away. Even with hi-
With high-tech new models like the iPhone 6, many users still struggle to get more than a day\'s battery life when using apps like navigation and video.
But there are tips that can help expand the battery of any smartphone, and even minor details, such as choosing a dark screen saver instead of a bright screen saver, that can also help expand. Lithium-
According to Mobile Choice magazine, ion cell phone batteries work best with just under room temperature-your phone will get less if the weather is warm.
Turn off the brightness settings on your phone.
Most of the battery consumption of your phone comes from the running screen.
Opening the screen is not only harmful to your battery-it\'s a public invitation for thieves to pass your password.
On any phone, set the screen to turn off after 30 seconds.
Using a vibration instead of a ringtone actually consumes more energy-making the entire phone vibrate harder than making a small speaker vibrate.
Switch the phone to mute when possible.
Do not use the animation screen saver.
Switching to a black or dark screen background can even make a difference so that it doesn\'t consume that much power when you\'re in the menu.
Make sure your phone doesn\'t run the app in the background.
On the iPhone you can double check
Tap the Home button and press \"x\" to turn off the unwanted button.
If you\'re not sure, restart your phone and expel apps that may be running without your knowledge.
It seems like a small detail, but turning off loud ringtones can prevent unnecessary battery runs out-just as you get rid of the clicks and beeps of many phones when you type.
Turn Bluetooth off, Wi-
Fi and GPS will immediately increase your battery life-you basically get rid of several radio antennas that burn inside your phone.
On iPhone and Android, you can easily access the controls to achieve this through the phone menu.
Never use Apple\'s Siri voice control, it\'s the murder of your battery, it\'s also Samsung\'s voice.
Please turn off 3g if the power is low.
This can double the battery life of a dying phone-basically, in most phones, at least two antennas are working all the time, so if you switch to 2g, it can still be used as a phone and text message, but it will last twice as long as the phone did in the \"good old days.
If you follow the tips above and your phone\'s battery hasn\'t been around for a long time, then it\'s time to consider charging the accessory.
Mophie JuicePack iPhone 6 (£90)
If you don\'t like to change the look of your phone, consider a portable battery charger like Monster PowerCard (£35).
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