10 mother’s day gifts for the tech-savvy mom

by:CTECHi     2020-01-11
Give mom a gift of new technology to make her life easier, more vivid and safer.
Even if mom is not a technician
Guru, we have identified a range of neat and tidy products that will be a \"must-have\" for any mother or family \".
Some of the latest technologies are designed with lifestyle and convenience in mind, while other tech toys are designed to simply shake mom\'s world.
Anyway, these gifts will make mom wonder how she \"survived\" so long without them.
While some of the technical products on the market may be a bit expensive, we have collected a list of the latest devices and gadgets that are almost suitable for any mother\'s day budget.
Online safe and efficient home safety technology is just as important as community safety, because Mom can\'t be in 10 places at the same time, and the circle with Disney allows mom to better understand what family members do online.
Circle, which works with Disney, is the world\'s first custom monitoring system to protect the entire family on the Internet.
This technology can identify and manage each device in the home, and can even set time limits for the use of certain applications and social media sites.
Set up filters to block websites that are not age appropriate and keep track of where children spend most of their time surfing the Internet.
The pause feature allows mom to pause the Internet only once (or more)family members--
It only needs one tap.
Paired with in-wireless loop
Home WiFi allows to manage and track any devices that access the WiFi system.
Not only does it track your in-
Home equipment, external equipment (
Or the equipment that your child\'s friends bring to your home)
You can also integrate into the system and assign \"limit\" sites.
If outdoor technology is more like mom\'s stuff, consider giving her a device that will help the family curb the appeal.
Rachio intelligent Sprinkler Controller is an outdoor wireless sprinkler system that allows you to use real-based on past usage or future weather data-
Time prediction technology.
This smart sprinkler controller automatically creates a watering schedule that reduces your water charges and ensures the beautiful yard you want while the user-
The friendly mobile app gives you access to the sprinkler system from anywhere in the world.
Rachio smart sprinkler controller is easy to install and can be used with Android, IOS, Nest partners or laptop devices, compatible with yard and smart home platform systems of any size.
Buying Rachio smart sprinkler controller now makes mom printing fun and easy does mom like to take pictures on her phone?
Does she like to print these photos to share with family and friends?
Upgrade mom\'s dinosaur printer to a flexible high resolution emoji home XP-430 printer.
Expressive home XP is designed for creativity and convenience
The 430 feature Epson can connect almost anywhere to print on a tablet or smartphone, and also allows users to edit, scan, and share photos directly to Facebook or the cloud. The XP-
430 working with Epson Creative Print app allows mom to take advantage of her favorite Instagram photos and print collages directly from a smartphone or tablet using different sizes and templates.
Compact size though, Home XP-
The 430 printer can hold up to 100 sheets of paper and allows color ink to be replaced separately.
Nice to know: The unit has highresolution 2. 7-
Built-in color LCD screen
In the memory card slot for PC-
Free photo printing, scanning and copying.
Buy expression for home XP-
430 now give Mom a keyless technology, a lock smart technology that touches dogs and bones is the world\'s first patented Bluetooth padlock, providing a keyless through an easy-to-control app
For moms who need to track and manage multiple locks without having to get a \"gatekeeper\" look by carrying an oversized key ring, lock smart also eliminates the danger of losing keys, if the key is found by the wrong person, this may end up putting your property or family at risk.
Keyless technology allows multiple users to use, so the device can be used throughout the home, but mom can pass through 128-
Bit advanced security encryption.
LockSmart is waterproof and runs on rechargeable lithium
Ion batteries, allow up to 3,000 \"on\" before charging \".
For any busy family, mom is the doorman for keys, ideal!
The lock smart for Dog & Bone now brings travel fun and security to the MomThe phibt BT 110 compact Bluetooth 4.
Sports Headphones with microphones make it easy for moms to use their smartphones wherever they are without having to fumble around the phone or look down for buttons.
These compact headsets with wireless technology and IPX4 water
The rugged design combines durability and excellent sound.
RightFit technology ensures personalized health, so mom never has to fight the buds that come out of her ears or try to find a comfortable fit.
Powered by Bluetooth 4.
A multi-point connection allows two devices to be connected at the same time.
In addition, using these headphones is ideal for mobile phone use
Line remote allows mom to easily answer and end calls while also adjusting the volume and play, playback, stop or pause voice mail.
I bought a compact Bluetooth collection of Phiaton Bluetooth 110.
0 sports headphones now enhance her safe driving experience by providing a Bracketron SI Dash Mount dock for mom\'s smartphone.
General cooperation of 360-
Degree swivel bracket is connected directly to the hard and textured surface, easy to dofree driving.
Perfect for any smartphone and stand mounted to any hard or textured dashboard surface--
Even the windshield.
Eyes provided-
Use it horizontally so that mom doesn\'t have to remove her eyes from the road in order to answer the phone, and another-
The Handed operation allows full telephone access.
The neutral black base reduces the messy look on the dashboard and fits well into the interior of most cars.
In addition, the SI dash stand comes with a wire clip for securing the charging cable to avoid sliding along the floor-
This can be dangerous.
Buying the Bracketron SI Dash Mount can now charge mom\'s phone or tablet at any time. Mom is always worried about the battery life of her smartphone and still looking for phone cases that are as hard as nails?
No longer worry due to ENERGI sliding power housing.
This power phone case is a highly robust and secure mobile phone case and smart phone charging station with dual use.
The battery provides an additional 3500 mAh than the 2915 battery normally used by the iPhone 6.
In this case, a removable battery sleeve is hidden, which can quickly charge up to 150% for smartphones and automatically stop charging when the phone reaches its maximum charging capacity.
Once fully charged, mom can just leave by removing the power sleeve from the protective phone case! The dual-
The layered case provides more protection to help mom avoid the typical dangers and cracks caused by the smartphone drop.
Use an active housing with or without a battery sleeve.
Suitable for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 s and 6 Plus as well as Galaxy S4, S5 and s6.
Buying ENERGI Sliding Power Case is now looking for a car phone charger that can charge both smartphones or tablets at the same time and will not be damaged and wound like most Chargers?
Buy a RIBBN car charger for mom, made of smooth, tangled material
Free and durable TPU coated with silicone, designed to be wrinkle-free, knot-free and wound-free. The 3-foot long, 4.
The 8 AMP output allows the mom to charge the phone while driving, and you can even turn on the phone or tablet while charging from the back seat.
The RIBBN plugs into the lighter of the car and comes with a built-in-in micro-
USB or Apple Lightning (MFi certified)
Adapter, and additional USB ports that charge the second device.
Ideal for any mom or family out!
If you\'re looking for a powerful Bluetooth wireless speaker, buy the RIBBN car charger now and fill mom\'s world with music
End the look and consider the 808 hex xs portable Bluetooth speaker to add fashion, talent and great sound to any garden of mom (or disco)parties.
Enjoy a symphony of enabled smartphones or tablets that transmit up to 12 hours through lithium batteries.
The 808 hex xs portable Bluetooth speaker is portable and easy-to-use, single-button-operated, and is a true fashion statement that adds pizazz to any party or party.
The room will be filled with real stereo sound and a bass Covent to provide the feeling of being present for live music.
If mom likes to have a pool party and buy 808 hex XS portable Bluetooth speakers now, she will love Marley BT Sport, Marley\'s first eco houseConscious water
Bluetooth speaker.
This speaker is an ideal \"must-have\" for any pool or beach party, boating hiking or camping trip \".
Don\'t stress if the speakers will soak in the pool as it is designed with a hybrid bio
Plastic and recyclable aluminum case to float with you and your guests.
It\'s easy to package the chant BT for any trip, as it\'s great to fit on a cup holder, even though it still makes the sound of a larger speaker.
It is equipped with rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging cable.
Wireless plugging up to 8 hours can be run before charging is required.
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