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CTECHi rechargeable battery pack series for drones

CTECHi rechargeable battery pack series for drones

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Product Information of CTECHi rechargeable battery pack series for drones
Product Details
At present, the shape categories of new energy vehicle batteries are mainly square, cylindrical and soft-packed. The research report shows that the three-dimensional material of the pure electric vehicle passenger car has three shapes: square, cylindrical and soft. The power battery shows the trend of "three legs": square accounted for 46%, cylindrical proportion 31%, soft bag 23%; and lithium-potassium iron phosphate and lithium manganate power battery new energy passenger car, square power battery The proportion is up to more than 90% (lithium iron phosphate square accounted for 93%, lithium manganate square accounted for 95%), mainly in CATL, BYD, Hefei Guoxuan. New energy bus, equipped with square power battery The proportion is 67%, the soft cladding is 19%, and the cylindrical shape is 14% (as shown in Figure 3). Among the new energy special vehicles, 59% of the ternary materials are cylindrical, and 18650 batteries are the main; The iron-lithium battery is 64% cylindrical; the proportion of square power battery in the lithium manganese oxide battery is as high as 87%. It can be seen that the square power battery has become the mainstream of the new energy vehicle promotion market, especially with the CATL. , BYD and other core leading industries continue to expand production, the national standard for power battery calls Steps are high, the square power battery can be said to be the general trend. As the core component of new energy vehicles, the power battery directly determines the performance of the vehicle. Lithium battery manufacturing equipment is generally three kinds of front-end equipment, middle-end equipment, and back-end equipment. The equipment accuracy and automation level will directly affect the production efficiency and consistency of the products. Laser processing technology has been widely used in lithium battery manufacturing equipment as an alternative to traditional welding technology. Since its inception in 1990, lithium batteries have been favored by 3C digital and power tools because of their high energy density, high voltage, environmental protection, long life and fast charging. Their contribution to the new energy automobile industry is particularly prominent. . As a source of power for new energy vehicles, the lithium battery industry has huge market potential and is an important part of the country's strategic development. It is expected that the industry scale will exceed RMB160 billion in the next 5-10 years.
  • 37V 153Ah NCM Lithium ion Battery
  • EV RV 37V 153Ah NCM Lithium ion Battery for Sightseeing Bus
Application Scope
3.7V 153Ah NCM Lithium ion Battery can be used in Solar energy storage, new energy vehicles, power tools, battery life, outdoor equipment, environmentally friendly balance vehicles, intelligent robots, electric scooters, children's toy cars and so on.
  • 37V 153Ah NCM Lithium ion Battery for E-Car
  • 37V 153Ah NCM Lithium ion Battery for RV
  • 37V 153Ah NCM Lithium ion Battery for Sweeper
Application Scope
Dry Battery can be applied to multiple scenes. The following are the application examples for you.With a focus on Battery, CTECHi Group is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.
Product Details
CTECHi Group's Dry Battery has excellent performances by virtue of the following excellent details.CTECHi Group has the ability to meet different needs. Dry Battery is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.
Company Advantages
1. rechargeable battery pack tend to be lithium ion rechargeable battery manufacturers than other brands.
2. The quality of the product is recognized by the international specification.
3. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd has successfully formed a market image of excellence in rechargeable battery pack field.
4. We are striving hard to provide our clients maximum level of satisfaction with our rechargeable battery pack .

Company Features
1. Today, many companies trust CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd to manufacturing lithium ion rechargeable battery manufacturers because we offer skill, craftsmanship, and a customer-oriented focus.
2. We have our self-established testing engineers. They play a significant role in the performance and function of our products. By using their abundant expertise, they can iron out bugs and improve the quality of the finished products.
3. Our aim is to let each customer speak highly of the service of CTECHi. Please contact us! CTECHi has been doing its best to serve customers with the best quality rechargeable battery pack . Please contact us! CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd will unswervingly supply high quality lithium ion rechargeable battery. Please contact us!
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