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CTECHi ni-cd battery personalized for vacuum cleaners

CTECHi ni-cd battery personalized for vacuum cleaners
  • CTECHi ni-cd battery personalized for vacuum cleaners
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CTECHi ni-cd battery personalized for vacuum cleaners

ni-cd battery has nicd batterie features and provides a long service life under extreme conditions. It is manufactured in high efficiency which is backed by 13+ year experience
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Product Details
1.2V 1400mAh A NiCd Battery is excellent quality and provides constant power electric current for your power-hungry devices and some solar lights and solar applications. Also, have low internal resistance, ideal for rapid high current discharge, Excellent battery cycle life: 1000 times, Ni-Cad battery can be charged and discharged for up to 1000 times, Environmentally Friendly (Ni-Cad can be recycled), If use once a day, Ni-Cad batteries can last up to 3 years. It is a good practice to do deep-discharge or complete discharge at least once 4 to 8 weeks. Deep discharge ( complete discharge ) is important for Ni-Cad not to develop memory effects. Compared with other types of rechargeable cells, Ni-Cad batteries offer good cycle life and performance at low temperatures with a fair capacity but its significant advantage is the ability to deliver practically its full rated capacity at high discharge rates (discharging in one hour or less).
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Application Scope
1.2V 1400mAh A NiCd Battery widely used in radio controlled devices, electric tools and toys, electric mopeds, meters, radios, hybrid automobiles, electric razors, toothbrushes, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, pagers, medical instruments/equipment, high power static applications (Telecoms, UPS and Smart grid), and numerous other applications.
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ni-cd battery description
It is indicated that ni-cd battery has the features of nicd batterie and ideal applied effect. It is always showcased at exhibitions such as Hong Kong Electronics Fair
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ni-cd battery SPECIFICATIONS
PackageCorrugated Knife Cards
Warranty1 Years
ColorCustomized Available
PaymentPaypal/TT/Western Union/LC/DA/DP
ItemA Ni-Cd 1.2V 1400mAh
Voltage Nominal1.2V
Capacity Nominal1400mAh
Operating Temperature-20+65℃
AvailabilityOEM, ODM, OEM/ODM
It is manufactured in high efficiency which is backed by 13+ year experience. It has the advantages of reasonable price, good stability, and high safety. A free solution can be designed for the customer.
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CTECHi ni-cd battery is manufactured with unsurpassed screen technology. And it features solutions to handle ambient light, dim projectors, wide viewing angles, high dynamic range (HDR), ultra-high-definition (UHD), acoustical transparency, and more. It comes with an extra thick hook which is more durable to hang clothes
The manufacturing of CTECHi nicd batterie is generally performed with several steps. These steps include cutting out materials into various shapes, sewing components together, shaping, polishing, and finishing. No cracks or fissures will be found on the surface of the product
Practicality and aesthetic values are all considered in the design of CTECHi ni-cd battery, such as modeling elements, the law of color mix, and spatial processing. It won't snag the suit or damage the fabric
CTECHi ni-cd battery undergoes a final scrutinization of various aspects. They involve workmanship, appearance, measurement/fittings, fabrics, seam, and stitching quality. Its hook is big enough to fit into the racks of normal size
The design of CTECHi nicd batterie involves many considerations. They may include stress points, support points, yield points, wear resistance capacity, toughness, and friction force. The product in a fashionable style adds brilliance to the clothes
Features like nicd batterie say that nicd batterie has a good competition capacity and a good development prospect. Its good dimensional stability makes it ideal for hanging fur coat and other heavy suits
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