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CTECHi lithium ion rechargeable battery series for camera

CTECHi lithium ion rechargeable battery series for camera

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Product Information of CTECHi lithium ion rechargeable battery series for camera
Product Details
The operating voltage of the single cell is as high as 3.7V, which is three times that of the nickel-cadmium battery and the nickel-hydrogen battery, and nearly twice that of the lead-acid battery. This is also an important reason for the higher specific energy of the lithium battery. Therefore, when constructing a power battery pack of the same voltage, the number of series connected to the lithium power battery is much smaller than that of the lead acid battery and the nickel hydrogen battery. If the number of single cells in the power battery is higher, the consistency requirement of the single cells in the battery pack is higher, and the life is worse. After the battery pack has problems in actual use, it is generally one or two. The problem with the single cells then caused problems in the entire battery, so it is not difficult to understand why the 48V lead-acid battery has higher feedback than the 36V lead-acid battery. From this point of view, lithium battery is more suitable for the use of the power battery. For example, 36V lithium battery only needs 10 monomers, while 36V lead acid battery requires 18 single cells, that is, 3 12V battery packs, and each 12V lead acid battery has six single cells or six single cells. composition. Lithium-powered batteries usually have two appearances: cylindrical and rectangular. The inside of the battery adopts a spiral wound structure, and is formed by spacing a positive and negative electrode with a very fine and highly permeable polyethylene film insulation material. The positive electrode includes a lithium collector composed of lithium and cobalt dioxide and a current collector composed of an aluminum film. The negative electrode is composed of a lithium collector composed of a sheet-like carbon material and a current collector composed of a copper film. The battery is filled with an organic electrolyte solution. Safety valves and PTC components are also included to protect the battery from damage during abnormal conditions and output short circuits.
  • 37V 102Ah Rechargeable Lithium ion Prismatic Cell
  • Lithium ion Prismatic Rechargeable Cell 37V 102Ah
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Prismatic Cell 37V 102Ah (1)
Application Scope
Rechargeable Lithium ion Prismatic Cell 3.7V 102Ah are mainly used in industrial vacuum cleaners, medical equipment energy storage, aerial work platforms, emergency power storage, intelligent robots, AGV trolleys, sightseeing vehicles, drones, forklifts and so on.
  • Lithium ion Prismatic Cell 37V Rechargeable 102Ah elevator
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Prismatic Cell 37V102Ah elevator
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Prismatic Cell 37V102Ah Electric Bus
Application Scope
The Battery produced by CTECHi Group is widely used in the Manufacturing Electrical Equipment & Supplies Batteries industry.CTECHi Group always focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.
Product Details
CTECHi Group's Battery is exquisite in details.Battery is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.
Company Advantages
1. The structural system of CTECHi lithium ion rechargeable battery meets the requirement of the tent industry. The system is tested by our engineers in terms of angles and spans.
2. The product has good temperature adaptability. It can work under a wide range of temperature and it has been optimized with high-temperature performance.
3. It is not prone to lose its energy capacity. The electrode materials are able to absorb and give up again the ions from the electrolyte.
4. This bedding improves sleep quality and nighttime comfort, making it easier to cope with everyday stress.

Company Features
1. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd has occupied a wide lithium ion rechargeable battery market by the advantages of high quality and advanced process.
2. In addition, CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd also has a first-class product R&D team with years of li ion battery pack product R&D experience.
3. Our company is passionate about producing high-quality products and collaborating with customers to develop solutions that advance their business goals and drive innovation. We emphasize environmental responsibility of our factory. We offer products designed to replace the environmentally destructive ones that elevate the carbon footprint. Our business mission is to provide our clients and employees with the means to reach their maximum potential. We try to increase profitability and efficiency together with our employees and customers.
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