Xinzhoubang: The price of lithium-ion battery electrolyte will rise to a certain extent in the near future

by:CTECHi     2021-08-05

Recently, in an interview with investors, Xinzhoubang stated that the price of lithium-ion battery electrolyte decreased in the first quarter due to fierce market competition, which led to a decline in gross profit; in the second quarter, the company adopted a flexible competitive strategy. The price and gross profit remain within a relatively reasonable range; recently, due to the rise in the price of carbonate, one of the main raw materials of electrolyte, under this situation, the price of electrolyte will also have a certain upward trend. The survey records are as follows: 1. Please introduce the price and gross profit changes of the company's lithium-ion battery electrolyte in the first half of this year, and the price trend in the third and fourth quarters? Answer: In the first quarter of the lithium-ion battery electrolyte, due to fierce market competition, the product price decreased, which led to a decline in gross profit; in the second quarter, the company adopted a flexible competitive strategy, and the price and gross profit remained within a relatively reasonable range; The price of one of the raw materials, solvent carbonate, has risen. Under this situation, the price of electrolyte will also have a certain upward trend. 2. Please analyze the reasons for the recent increase in solvent prices? Does your company produce or purchase lithium battery electrolyte solvents? What is the company's solvent procurement method? Answer: There are two main reasons for the recent rise in solvents: one is due to short-term supply shortages due to equipment maintenance and natural disasters of core manufacturers, and the other is environmental protection. In recent years, the national safety and environmental protection supervision has been extremely strict, including carbonate solvents. The supply of chemicals inside tends to be tight. At present, the company's demand for carbonate solvents is mainly purchased from outside. In order to ensure stable supply of raw materials and cost advantages, the company's solvent procurement method is mainly based on signing long-term agreements, supplemented by short-term agreements. 3. What is the pricing model of the company's lithium-ion battery electrolyte? Answer: For different customers, the company's products will adopt different pricing models. In general, there are two types: one is to participate in customer bidding, and the other is to calculate based on the cost of raw materials and other materials to make a reasonable price. . 4. What is the current output and price of the company's new lithium salt LiFSI? What is the planned production capacity? Answer: At present, the company’s new lithium salt LiFSI is mainly for the company’s own use. The output is still relatively small and the price is relatively high; in the future, based on the strong support of national industrial policies, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, the high-quality performance and quality of the new lithium salt Judging the company’s development needs, the company plans to build an annual output of 2,400 tons of lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI), of which the first phase will have a capacity of 800 tons/year of LiFSI, and the construction period will be 2 years. It is expected to be in the third quarter of 2020. Put into production. 5. Please introduce what are the main application areas of the company's subsidiary Hasford Chemicals? Answer: The company's subsidiary Hesford independently develops a series of high-end fluorine-containing special fine chemical products, including fluorine-containing pharmaceutical intermediates, fluorine-containing high-end polymer modified comonomers, fluorine-containing pesticide intermediates, and other fluorine-containing fine chemicals And so on, the terminal is used in medicine (anaesthetics), pesticides, rubber (sealing rings and the like), surfactants, proton exchange membranes, lithium battery electrolyte additives, liquid crystal materials, fire extinguishing agents, etc. 6. What is the progress of the company's Jingmen lithium-ion battery material project? Answer: The company's lithium-ion battery material production base in Jingmen, Hubei is closer to the terminal market in Central China, reducing product transportation costs, providing customers with better services, and consolidating the company's market position in domestic lithium battery electrolyte and other products. The company's investment in the construction of lithium-ion battery materials in Jingmen, Hubei is progressing steadily as planned. Up to now, company registration and bank account opening have been completed, and it is in the stage of obtaining project land and submitting for approval.

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