Which is the Best Keyless Door Lock? Four RFID & Keypad Picks

by:CTECHi     2020-04-20
I hate keys.They grabbed my phone and I just hate messing with them.Fortunately, the key will no longer be an important part of our lives.You know, there\'s actually a bunch of keyless door locks in your house already?Once it becomes an area of high-end apartment buildings, keyless access to the door lock has now become a big deal.
The best keyboard and RFID door locks are actually stronger and safer than manual key locks, and they give you more versatility and peace of mind when starting up.There are a lot of these days on the net, it is difficult to screen.Luckily for you, I spent half a year working on the Best RFID and keyboard door locks for a business I work for, so I \'ve done leg work for you!The article will outline five amazing products and I will discuss what makes each one unique and why it is chosen for this review.
Let\'s start.
What is RFID?.
Each label contains a set of data that transmits the data to the inquiry device.Some of them need batteries, but many don\'t (they can get power from the site of the device ).The advantage of RFID tags is that they can be embedded in plastic.
This means you can carry a handy card or label with you and it will stay safe.Just hand it in front of the scanner at the door and it will open.RFID, biometric, keyboard?What technology should I use?If you have done a lot of searches online, you know that you will be bombarded with options when searching for the best keyless door locks.
There are some viable technologies that are competing for your money and they all have their own pros and cons.Let me have a look here.: A biometric keyless door lock system uses one of your genetic features to open and lock doors.99 out of 100, which means the fingerprint scanning system.
Fingerprint door locks are amazing, actually I have written an article specifically about them.However, they are just one of many viable options.: The system is a bit old but tried, tested and verified.
There are many input codes on the electronic keyboard.Enter the correct code and you can access it.Simple and elegant.: This is closer to the traditional key system because FOB or card is required to open the door.
Scan your card on the card reader and the lock is opened like magic.These are much simpler than traditional locks.Kevin: one of the first (and best) iPhone/Android crashes.
The upcoming smartphone is compatible with many keyless door locks and latches, but the first to go on the market is Kevin.This is a very smooth and intelligent system that eliminates the need for keys, code, and RFID tags.Kevin uses your iPhone as a virtual keychain, allowing you to press a button anywhere in the world to open and close the front door lock.
In fact, you don\'t even need to scan anything or press the button when you get home.Kevin uses advanced Bluetooth technology to detect the presence of the iPhone, which automatically opens the door when you are in a short distance.Think about it!If you don\'t have an iPhone, or if it\'s not for everyone in your family, it\'s not a problem!Kevin uses RFID technology to open the lock in the wave of cards.
On top of that, there is a traditional key in the center, so no matter what technology you like to use, you can go in.You can use the Kevin app to turn the lock on or off from anywhere in the world via the Internet.It\'s really powerful.The system also works with iPod Touch 5 and iPad 3.
They hope to include other smartphones and devices soon.It is installed on traditional door locks without a lot of jury manipulation and modification.Use four AA batteries.This is definitely one of the best keyless home door locks around and I will be ugly if you have an iPhone.
Samsung may be known for its TV sets, but they are a big company with a lot of products, including major attempts at home safety.I was impressed by their EZON series locks, door handles and latch.Not only is it stylish, delicate and safe, but it is very cool and user friendly.
This particular model is a bolt with a digital keyboard, but it is also programmed to accept input from RFID tags, so if you don\'t want to hit numbers, you can use the appropriate FOB or card to gain access.Technically, this is a complex device.The screen is backlit, and the screen turns black when it\'s not in use, so the keys are not always visible (saving your battery life as well ).Yes, they are battery operated, but they last for a long time.
Here are some advances in security that make the EZON system different from many competitors.For example, there is a built-inIn the system, the door will be unlocked in the event of a fire and there is an emergency unlocking procedure.The system resists unauthorized input: it locks the user for 3 minutes if the user has tried the code 5 times but has not succeeded.
One of my favorite features on this powerful keypad lock is the code anonymous feature: it requires you to enter two random numbers before entering the code.This prevents fingerprints from being found on the mat.It is equipped with four RFID card standards and you can order more.
It\'s a bit complicated to install, so I recommend hiring a contractor to install it for you.This is also a kind of self.The included unit, so do not expect it to be connected to an existing security system.Schlage is well known in the lock and security industry and they have a completePowerful range of electronic door locks including keyless access and RFID products.
I would like to show this special lock as it is very versatile and offers a lot of things.The locking mechanism itself is first class.It is sturdy and durable, built with reinforced components and rated as Level 1 on ANSI hardware standard systems, so it is the strongest in residential applications.
This lock is very simple.
Electric bolts will be reStay locked after 30 seconds on.You can disable this feature, but it would be nice to have it if you tend to be forgetful.There are also three built-in units.In the alarm sensor, it will let you know when the door is open or when a forced entry occurs.
This is a system of deterrence and warning.The lock happens to be compatible with Nexia, an online system for item management.This means that you can open the door remotely using your Nexia portal, you can monitor coming and going online, and you can allow certain code to work at certain times (for housekeeping, for example ).
In this way, you can effectively open the lock with your smartphone, but it requires a paid Nexia account.This is a feature-rich keyless door lock for your family, and if it also has the RFID feature, it will be at the top of my list.I want to give a complete example.Door handle with biometric function.This hi-tech handle and locking system from Anviz has almost everything you want.
The brushed chrome look great, but on top of that, it is one of the safest handles around it, equipped with reinforced steel frames and locks that can withstand attempts to force in.The system is compatible with RFID, which means that with the key card, you can simply place the label near the device and the mechanical lock will automatically disengage.It\'s really convenient if your hands are full of groceries and you can\'t fiddle with keys.
The gems on the crown of this unit are of course biometric capabilities.There is a small fingerprint scanner above the door handle, outside.To enter, just press your finger flat on the scanner and the lock will open in about 1 second.
You can program with up to 200 unique fingerprints and have a proprietary system that lets you manage fingerprints in your database and add and remove them on the road if needed.It\'s battery-powered, but they can last for months.In the event of a power failure, you can access it again using a 9 v battery or use an emergency backup key.
I should mention that this keyless door lock should be compatible with most traditional doors and does not require a lot of wiring or refurbishment.Please call the contractor if you are not convenient to get it done, but this is a fantastic system;You will not believe that you have never had it.Arrg!Technical Chaos!Which one do I choose?When you\'re looking around for the best keyboard or RFID door locks to make money, it\'s easy to get overwhelmed with options and options, especially given the changing technology, there will soon be brand new companies on the market.
The best way to do this is to analyze your habits and choose the lock that suits your lifestyle.Do you have an iPhone or smartphone? Do you want to use it to manage your lock?If so, then think about the Kevin, or something else like the August smart lock and Lockitron.Do you want a lot of people not to use keys?Keyboard latch is probably the best option as you can easily share the code over the phone.
Is it important for you to enter easily?RFID dead ends are very easy to use, but Kevin offers true hands-free unlocking if you have an iPhone or Apple device.Please feel free to comment if you are still unsure and I will try my best to help you further narrow down.Thanks for reading!
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