What is the difference between graphene technology and 540,000 fast charging? Why are mobile phones still using lithium-ion batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-27

In the current mobile phone industry, the screens of mobile phones are gradually increasing, and people are using more and more mobile phones. However, the battery life of mobile phones seems to be the most serious problem among mobile phones, and it has also become a place where people are most concerned. The phone you just bought can be charged once a day to maintain normal use for a day, but as the phone is used longer and longer, the battery of the phone becomes unsupported, so the battery life of the phone that has been used for a long time has become the biggest problem . Therefore, the major mobile phone manufacturers are also very troubled when it comes to mobile phone batteries.

All mobile phone manufacturers are looking for breakthroughs to make certain changes to the battery of mobile phones, but at present they have not found the best way, even for mobile phones. Apple, which has done a very good job, also has very big problems in the battery life of mobile phones, and has not made too many innovations. Even the battery capacity of some mobile phones is not as high as that of domestic mobile phones.

Later, many domestic devices launched fast charging, especially OPPO’s fast charging is famous, from the initial 180,000 super fast charging to the current market There are 540,000 fast charging, but these fast charging can not solve the problem fundamentally, because it is only the charging frequency of the mobile phone is higher, and the charging speed of the mobile phone is faster, but it has not really solved the problem of the mobile phone. More problems have become something that many mobile phone manufacturers can dream of.

Nowadays, most mobile phones still use lithium-ion batteries, so why have graphene batteries been circulating in the market? Graphene has been awaited for a long time. Why do mobile phones still use lithium-ion batteries? 54w fast charge is out of date? Why do mobile phone manufacturers still use lithium-ion batteries without graphene batteries? This has become a question in the minds of many netizens.

The density of graphene batteries will be greater, which will increase the battery life by about 50~60%, and graphene can also be made into mobile phones. What's the difference between the new screen, graphene technology and 540,000 fast charging? Why do mobile phone manufacturers still use lithium-ion batteries? Because graphene has a very strong heat dissipation performance or heat dissipation, and the battery heat dissipation will be better.

Of course, although graphene batteries are excellent, the cost of graphene is very expensive. When graphene was first discovered, 1 gram was as high as RMB 2,000, so if graphene technology is to be applied to mobile phone batteries in large quantities, the cost will be very high, although the cost of graphene is now gradually decreasing. In the next few years, it is not impossible to use graphene mobile phones, but according to the current words. The cost is too high. Do you think it is possible for us to use graphene batteries in the future? 3. Over-current protection, when the working current exceeds the set value, the Mosfet tube is cut off by the protection IC. When the working current returns to the allowable voltage, the conduction of the Mosfet tube is restored.

Overcurrent current voltage drop: 0.1V, where the protection IC judges the voltage drop caused by the current flowing through the Mosfet. Dividing this voltage by the on-resistance of the Mosfet can approximate the current of the overcurrent protection. Generally, Around 3~5A.

Overcurrent delay: 8 milliseconds. Note that this delay is much shorter than the previous ones for overcharge and overdischarge.


4. Short circuit. In fact, this function is an extension of overcurrent protection. When the protection IC detects that the voltage between the positive and negative poles of the battery output is less than the specified value, it is considered that the battery is in a short-circuit state at this time , Immediately cut off the circuit. Wait for the short-circuit troubleshooting to restore the circuit. When the short-circuit occurs, the voltage of the battery's output positive and negative poles is zero, but the actual battery cell voltage is still normal.

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