What is a good lithium battery protection board?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-16

With the development of the electrical appliance industry, the lithium battery industry is also booming, and the existence of the lithium battery protection board as the core component of the lithium battery is very important. A high-quality and safe lithium battery must have a good high-quality lithium battery protection board. A good lithium battery protection board is naturally inseparable from reliable quality components, mainly including suitable PCB wiring and peripheral circuit design. However, yes As far as protection board manufacturers are concerned, the design of peripheral circuits is inseparable from experience and experimental testing. If nothing else, how to smoothly turn off the light-discharge MOS to ensure that the short circuit does not burst. According to various considerations, which of the following drive circuits is most suitable for the protection board? Is there any improvement? In order to enable you to purchase high-quality lithium battery protection boards, today the Chinese Changfa will learn this knowledge with you through the following illustrations.

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