The salt lake battery grade lithium carbonate project successfully passed the evaluation

by:CTECHi     2021-07-28

Recently, the 10,000-ton/year salt lake battery-grade lithium carbonate project undertaken by Qinghai Salt Lake passed the stage evaluation organized by the Science and Technology Promotion and Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Golmud, Qinghai Province.

This project is a key special project for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hongguang Special Project). The evaluation team inspected the salt fields and production workshops of Qinghai Dongtai Jinel Lithium Resources Co., Ltd., a project implementation partner, and learned in detail about the company's production and project implementation in terms of raw material mining, salt field technology, separation and extraction, and deep processing.

The expert team believes that the main content of lithium carbonate products obtained from the trial production of the project reached 99.6%, forming a set of process technology and equipment selection and adjustment, engineering design, and engineering construction. , An application system integrating engineering commissioning, operation, and project promotion. The new production line expands the production capacity of salt lake battery-grade lithium carbonate, realizes continuous improvement of process technology and equipment level, greatly improves product quality, and further reduces energy consumption costs, providing an industrialized complete production device for the production of high magnesium-lithium ratio salt lake lithium extraction .

Zhao Qianjun, deputy director of the Science and Technology Promotion and Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, affirmed the phased results of the project. He pointed out that the difficult environment of Qinghai Salt Lake has made breakthroughs in salt lake lithium extraction technology through long-term efforts, and has implemented Hongguang's special project based on this technology, and has achieved preliminary results. Qinghai Salt Lake Institute should strengthen follow-up work, work closely with enterprise professional and technical personnel, and jointly solve various problems in the industrialization process, continue to provide technical services and technical support for enterprises, and strive to complete the final goals and tasks of the project, and provide the company and Qinghai Li Industry development has made new and greater contributions.

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