The development prospects of lithium battery energy storage industry

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

New energy-the development opportunity of the lithium battery energy storage industry. The main demand for lithium batteries comes from the consumption of lithium batteries, power batteries and industrial energy storage. Lithium batteries have huge opportunities in new energy. As long as they can avoid the traditional large-scale power grid's energy management and control and make full use of solar power plants, energy storage technology will have great development prospects. New energy-development opportunities for the lithium battery energy storage industry: The new energy vehicle market is developing rapidly, and the lithium battery industry is facing opportunities. With the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry and breakthroughs in energy storage technology, my country's lithium-ion power battery industry has entered a period of rapid development, and many listed companies have a positive attitude, hoping to enter the power battery industry to expand their business territory. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the development of the new energy industry has attracted more and more attention from the people. From new energy power to new energy vehicles, they have achieved rapid development in recent years. Data show that in 2017, the global sales of new energy passenger vehicles exceeded 1 million, a year-on-year increase of 57%. At present, my country's new energy vehicle industry is booming, and new energy vehicles in real life are beginning to be seen everywhere. But the more electric vehicles are produced, the more waste power batteries they produce. After rapid development in recent years, the application of lithium batteries covers electric vehicles, energy storage, various types of power tools and other fields. Among them, the industrial scale of new energy vehicles, energy storage and other fields will maintain a multiplied growth trend in the next few years. Will greatly stimulate the demand for lithium-ion batteries. In particular, driven by the market demand for new energy vehicles, the scale of my country's lithium battery industry has expanded rapidly, and battery technologies such as lithium iron phosphate batteries, high nickel ternary batteries, and lithium manganate batteries have developed rapidly. It is expected that the market capacity of the lithium battery industry will maintain a steady growth in the next few years, and the sales revenue of my country's lithium battery industry will reach about 212.9 billion yuan by 2022. Energy storage technology is a strategic support for the future transformation of energy structure and the transformation of power production and consumption patterns. Driven by the development and commercialization of energy storage technology, power lithium batteries, as one of the protagonists of the new energy industry, will also usher in new opportunities for development. At present, the high cost restricts the development of the energy storage industry, and the market expects higher policy subsidies for the energy storage industry, and the lithium battery industry is expected to rise in the medium and long term. Driven by lithium batteries, the energy storage market will usher in new opportunities. With the development of lithium batteries in emerging application fields and the strengthening of alternative demand in traditional application fields, it is an irreversible trend for the lithium battery industry to maintain stable growth as a whole in the next few years. From the perspective of customer needs, in the fields of new energy vehicles and new energy storage, the requirements for lithium battery companies are more stringent, which will further promote the transformation of lithium battery companies from a simple manufacturer to an integrated manufacturing and service operator. A major issue has been raised for the transformation of enterprises. From the above, the survival and development environment of the enterprise can be seen. In this general environment, the survival of the fittest, adjustment and transformation of the lithium battery industry will continue to deepen. How to choose a lithium battery energy storage power supply? First, look at the appearance, workmanship, size and craftsmanship of the lithium battery energy storage power supply. Look at the appearance and workmanship from which aspects? We can look at the joints of the shell, whether the seam width is wide, whether there are burrs, and whether there is any oil stains, whether it feels good to the touch, or advanced craftsmanship. Comfortable, after polishing, the rubber oil polishing material not only has a good hand feel, but also has strong insulation properties. Second, choose the manufacturer, choose the brand. There are many domestic lithium battery energy storage power supply brands, but the quality is difficult to see from the appearance. In this case, you should do more homework before choosing, and check the manufacturer's information online. Energy Storage Electric is a lithium battery UPS manufacturer. It is trustworthy to use lithium batteries as energy storage power sources. 3. Look at the product parameters. The most important parameter of lithium battery energy storage power supply is the battery inside, and it is best to choose the power supply with lithium iron phosphate battery. Lithium batteries have larger capacity in the same volume, and are green and environmentally friendly during production, use, and recycling. Therefore, they have been widely used in the fields of consumer electronics and energy storage products. Therefore, the lithium battery industry will continue to be accelerating in the future development. Because in the current major markets, the demand for energy storage lithium batteries is still very large.

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