test driving two of volvo’s executive hybrid vehicles

by:CTECHi     2020-04-24
It has been five years since Volvo revealed that it will charge the car in the future.
Since then, it has promised to have 1 million electric Volvo cars of all shapes and sizes on its way by 2025, and has also launched an exciting new family of cars, forcing people to look at hybrid cars in a new light.
According to Volvo\'s commitment to electrified, every new Volvo car will be used as a light hybrid, plug-and-play, starting from next year.
A hybrid or battery electric vehicle.
Volvo\'s current plug range
The hybrid is already extensive, with the XC90, V90, S90 and X60s in the showroom, as well as the hybrid variants of the XC40, the new V60, and the recently launched new S60.
Between next year and 2021, five new all-electric vehicles will be added, including two Polaris performance brands.
The administrative vehicles driving two Volvo vehicles-with the same power unit-indicate the difference between electric motors and top-class cars.
The S90 T8 Twin Engine is a luxury car made by Swedish manufacturers.
Although it looks and feels high
Finally, it also saves a lot of money on costsconscious.
The carbon dioxide content of the dual engine is 49g/km (CO2)
Emissions fall into the second category of low emissions for HMRC.
This resulted in the company\'s car drivers paying only 13 pc benefits within the 40 pc tax --in-kind tax.
The economic growth rate reached 128 in the joint cycle.
4mpg, the cost of fuel is much lower than the traditional power car.
According to driving conditions, the S90 can travel 27 miles by battery alone.
The government\'s \"ultra-low fees\" campaign says cars like this charge about 4 p per mile-about the third most expensive for conventional fuel vehicles.
This Volvo does not need to go to the gas station, just plug in the ordinary three to charge
Pin socket at home.
These costs are an important factor because the price of fuel and taxes can rise.
While the cost savings saved by more efficient vehicles for each driver and each fleet add up, the appeal of hybrid cars is more than financial. In fact, high-
The ultimate hybrid has the ability to give you multiple car roles in one. On a low-
Speed trip out of town, beautiful tactile diamonds-
The cutting control wheel on the S90 center console can choose many drive options through the 9in touch screen in the cockpit.
If you choose Pure, Volvo will enter the \"quiet\" mode, which is powered only by batteries and has zero exhaust emissions.
You can choose the power mode when the road starts to open and needs to be accelerated.
This is a joint effort between internal combustion and electricity, through eight-
Automatic speed gearbox.
The gasoline engine of S90t8 adopts supercharger and supercharger.
The supercharger has increased by 2.
At low rpm, the power of the engine is 0 liters, and the turbocharger enters with the increase of rotation speed.
This is a smart solution to make four
The maximum power output of the cylinder engine is 320hp, similar to the motor with twice the number of cylinders.
Combine it with the motor and you will get an exciting 407hp.
It is also very simple to pass this power on to the road, all
The wheels drive the rear wheels through the electric motor, and the gasoline engine drives the front wheels.
As a result, continuous strong acceleration is delivered directly to the road with unstable efficiency.
Hybrid power is a medium of joy for everyday driving.
When gasoline and electric motors alternate or work together, the car switches seamlessly between the two.
Driving is reasonable-no hard driving is required-the result is 400 miles between fuel stations, a lively and spacious car.
From Napa leather seats in quiet lodge to 500-
S90 T8 boots, exudes the quality required by the administrative carriage.
It happens to be very efficient.
If you want a higher driving position and have the confidence to deal with something more rough, Volvo\'s XC60-2018 world cars this year-offers another compelling option for business drivers
Volvo x60t8 dual engine AWD has the same power unit as the S90, but it has the same power unit as Volvo\'s active four-
C. chassis and six driver settings, including off-road, give the car all the features and capabilities in appearance.
The electronically controlled air suspension replaces the traditional spring with an airbag with an adaptive damper on each wheel, and the car is constantly adjusted according to driving conditions for optimal driving and manipulation, even lower your head when driving at high speed to minimize resistance.
The response of the x60c engine is less than 25 miles/hour, 8 miles/hour
The speed gearbox, accelerator, and stability control have all been modified to maximize the performance of the slide surface.
The power of the steering is added and the downhill control function is activated.
You have the perfect set when you stay comfortably in the leather cottage-
Drag a caravan through the muddy camp
Of course, sitting in a heated and ventilated seat-and perhaps a massage function-is hard to imagine having to interact with the mud.
But even if you don\'t drive it, the car will be covered by it.
Volvo\'s designers are once again looking at the curve.
The doors of the X60s extend to the lowest part of the body, overlapping the windowsill to minimize the chance of getting the legs dirty when entering and leaving.
Most of the work of the X60s is likely to be done in towns and highways, and right here, the intecpro model demonstrates its Smart Security Pro features, including the half-baked by Volvo
Automatic driving function.
While it may be uncomfortable to let the car control speed and control the steering input to keep the lane in the first place, once you convince yourself that the car knows as much about keeping it safe as you do, it will reduce the pressure on the highway.
If you want to choose gasoline power, sliding and pushing on the touch screen can realize the charging function of the car.
This indicates that the engine works under the energy captured during the braking process in order to partially charge the battery.
The hold function on the same screen tells the car not to use the motor at all.
It may sound a bit counter.
It\'s intuitive to have a hybrid car without using battery power, but that means you can adjust the x600.
It was perfect on a weekend trip to London.
The internal combustion engine is used on the highway, and then as the city roads become more crowded, turning to pure mode ensures that this drive keeps the city air as dirt
The car itself is free.
The driving experience is great, there are some changes in your back pocket and your conscience is cleaner.
Could this be the future of driving?
This is certainly the beginning of an exciting new adventure for Volvo.
To find out how Volvo can help drive your business, call 0345 600 4027 or visitvolvocars. co.
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