System level of PACK lightweight route

by:CTECHi     2021-08-22

PACK design is a systematic design. Lightweight is a part of PACK design. In the case of high demand for energy in the market, we can consider lightweight as one of the important indicators. But it is not the only indicator. We cannot and should not abandon some functions or safety to meet the requirements. We can highlight lightweight and integrate the concept of lightweight into every design while balancing the needs of all aspects. This is More appropriate.

Lightweight is reflected at the system level, mainly in the following three directions: cell selection, overall arrangement, and reduction of levels.

The selection of battery cells has been introduced in the previous article. Here we mainly introduce the other two aspects of the system level: overall arrangement and reduction of levels.

We all know that the power battery system is a product with huge energy, used in transportation, and directly related to personal safety and property safety. It belongs to an automotive-grade product. Automotive-grade products are very different from industrial-grade products. Automotive-grade products need to follow many inherent standards or specifications.

As said in the Hong Kong-style movie starring in the male god Louis Koo: human beings are humane, but demon is demon. In the PACK design, there are also some principles that need to be followed, such as the overall arrangement of the system level. It is recommended to follow some principles: regular arrangement, high and low voltage in different ways, etc., to achieve the maximum utilization of space through regular arrangements. It not only ensures complete functions, but also highlights the concept of lightweight.

The last one is to reduce the level: in the more mature reality, the PACK system level can be divided into four levels according to the cell processing method: cell level, module level, and module Level and electrical box level.

Among them, the cell level is a foundation. Each subsequent level will use certain parts to process the cell, so each subsequent level has a group efficiency (the weight of the cell accounts for each The percentage of level components), the final system grouping rate is the multiplication of the previous levels. The more levels there are, the lower the final grouping efficiency will be.

When designing the PACK system hierarchy, you can plan reasonably and minimize the hierarchy to achieve the goal of higher group efficiency.

The concept of lightweight needs to be carried through the entire PACK design: reasonable planning at the system level, careful calculation of the detailed design level, and safety without giving up functions or safety. To achieve the goal of lightweight.

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