solar power is getting cheaper; here are some smart options for your home

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Now that spring is coming, many homeowners want to improve their living space.
Whether it\'s a renovation or a renovation, or a gardening or landscaping project, it may be time to reduce reliance on the grid.
Finding ways to save energy and money at home is not a new concept, but there are more options today-led by improvements in solar energy.
The fall in costs also contributed to this: according to the solar industry association, solar prices have fallen by 60% over the past decade.
If you are keen to reduce your reliance on power companies, here are some solar options (but not all)areas.
Solar heating is no longer an edge industry, and solar energy is becoming popular.
So, yes, if you see more solar panels on the roof of your neighbor, you\'re not imagining things.
Just ask Vivint Solar, the company has just completed a milestone of 100,000 installations in 16 states.
Founded in 2011, vivinint Solar provides high prices for homeowners
Efficient solar panels, in addition, they are responsible for installation and maintenance.
The company offers 86-
Point Service inspection at the time of employee installation (
Not a subcontractor)
Consistent installation standards.
While the production of solar energy depends on the weather pattern and sunshine time, the design power of the solar panel is between 280 and 290 watts, which saves the homeowner a 10% to 30% electricity bill.
Yes, solar panels can still produce solar energy on cloudy days. (
Germany\'s solar power generation is about five times that of Alaska and five times that of the United States. S.
, Probably because the cost of electricity in this country is too high).
The cost of solar panels varies from home to home, but some key factors include the size of the required system (
The bigger the house, the more it costs)
, And where the system will be installed.
A study by the UC Berkeley lab found that solar panels also added property value, up to $15,000.
Other popular solar suppliers include Sunrun, Sunnova and SolarCity (
Acquired by Tesla a year ago).
List of suppliers for many residential solar energy plants. com and google. com/sunroof.
How does it work?
As far as Vivint is concerned, there are two products.
One is to pay for the installation directly or get the financing that you own the panel.
The cost is usually between $20,000 and $30,000, but you may be eligible for a government award.
Any excess electricity you generate may also be sold to the power company, giving a credit to your utility bill.
The second option is called \"PPA\" or \"power purchase agreement\" lease in which there is no upfront cost to install solar panels, but you can do so at 20-
The company says the annual rate is lower than your electricity supplier.
You can still sell the excess power to your power company.
In 2015, Tesla\'s Powerwall was a large rechargeable lithium battery-
Ion battery, when paired with a solar panel on the roof, it stores excess power for future use.
Therefore, Powerwall can power your home at night, it can also be used as a backup battery, such as protecting your home when there is a power outage
Wi-keep your lights on
Fi works and the refrigerator works.
Powerwall is easy to install and can be installed on the wall or stacked on the floor without maintenance.
44x29x5 was measured.
5 inch, no exposed wires or hot vents, so it\'s childrenand pet-
Friendly, water.
Dust proof for indoor or outdoor installation.
Tesla says it operates quietly and uses an internal inverter to convert DC energy into AC energy, reducing costs.
The Tesla app allows you to monitor and manage your Powerwall, solar panels, or Tesla vehicles. (
By the way, vivinint Solar says it\'s also exploring options for home energy storage. )
The official website has a slider for you to choose how many bedrooms you have in your home, from (
About 10 KW hours a day)to 6+ (
More than 70 KW hours per day)
, It will suggest how many Powerballs you want to install.
The equipment cost for 1 Powerwall is $6,200 and the estimated installation cost is $800 to $2,000, excluding solar installation, electrical upgrade (if needed)
Taxes, licensing fees or other related fees.
The two power walls cost $11,700 in equipment.
Depending on how much energy you need, you can use up to 10 power walls at home.
Tesla also announced on Wednesday that it would accept $1,000 in deposits for its solar roof. The solar roof is made of wooden tiles similar to traditional roof tiles.
At the beginning of 2018, the cost was $21.
£ 85 per square foot, but according to Tesla\'s online calculator, it could cost a homeowner as much as $75,000-a big pill that can be swallowed early-although the company says it will be rewarded within 30 years with a lifetime warranty on solar tiles.
Related: check your address if you are curious about how much power solar can generate, check Google\'s Project skylight (google. com/sunroof)
Free analysis.
This tool uses Google Earth images to measure your roof shape and local weather patterns to create a personalized solar plan.
You can learn how much you save on your electricity bill and then compare the loan, lease and purchase options for solar panels.
The last optional step is to contact the solar supplier from the list for an estimate.
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