solar light bulb sheds light on social entrepreneurship model

by:CTECHi     2020-01-05
Problems facing the developing world
Includes drinking water, enough food and efficient, cost-effective lighting needs.
The solar energy of the inventor Stephen Casaros
Electric bulbs may be of great help in fixing the last of these three bulbs.
Katsaros has created a solar bulb that uses sun light to charge the battery --
LED power supply for about four hours.
The replaceable battery lasts about 300-
500 of the cost, and the product itself can be up to five years.
The significance of Katsaros\'s invention is that it provides light for 1.
4 billion people living in places not accessible to the grid, as well as people using kerosene lamps to illuminate homes and workplaces.
The potential elimination of the kerosene lamp inspired Katsaros to name his company Nokero-
\"No kerosene.
\"Kerosene is a relatively expensive source of fuel that can be harmful to the health of consumers.
While considering how best to market the product, Katsaros concludes that his largest market is in the developing world.
But instead of creating a charity organization, Katsaros chose to set up a company through which he could sell bulbs for profit.
Nokero has sold thousands of light bulbs to non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations that distribute light bulbs free of charge, but Katsaros said he believes the creation of \"smaller entrepreneurs worldwide\" can further promote reporting according to August14 CNN report.
Access to the Nokero website shows light bulbs and other solar devices
Electric products available for sale.
The retail price of the Nokero N100 is $15.
For NGOs and big companies, the price of the N100 has dropped to $6, Katsaros said.
Prices may fall further over time.
Katsaros was inspired by the business model from Paul Pollak\'s 2008 book, poverty alleviation, and is not alone in supporting social startup models.
In the global fight against famine, organizations such as the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
The same principle is adopted.
Gautam Ramnath, GAIN\'s business development and leverage group manager, outlined the organization\'s philosophy in an interview with The Post earlier this month: What do you think?
Is social startup model the right way to solve the problems facing developing countries?
Or what is the development direction of NGOs and charities?
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