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practical ultra-thin battery from China for factory

Practical ultra-thin battery from China for factory

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Product Details
Lithium-ion batteries can be flammable, so we created a revolutionary battery that will not combust, even when punctured, twisted, or heated. CTECHI are ultra-thin, flexible, and do not contain volatile liquids-eliminating the potential for combustion-because new devices and applications demand energy sources that are powerful, small and safe. New Ultra CP042922 3V 18mAh Thin Film Battery for Smart Cards RFID.
  • CTECHI 30V 18mAh RFID Micro Film Battery
  • CTECHI Primary Ultra Thin Battery 30V 18mAh CP042922 GPS System
  • CTECHI Ultra CP042922 3V 18mAh Smart Cards Thin Film Battery
Application Scope
Ultra Thin Battery used in many special projects and products. Such as: Medical, Patient monitoring and health tracking devices are becoming sleeker and more refined, and they demand batteries that are safe. A minimally-invasive pain management, peripheral nerve stimulation system device that provides a safe alternative to opioids in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. Medical patch worn on the body to gather complex physiological data. Health and sports patch worn to gather information from sweat to make fueling recommendations in a personalized drink for individual athletes. Wearables, Designers are creating wearables in many shapes and sizes because our technology allows for fast development. Our high energy density batteries provide maximum performance in the smallest of packages. Their extreme flexibility ensures they will not break or crack when bent or flexed. Our ultra-thin designs are made as thin as 0.37mm. One customer is working with CTECHI to design a battery that is round and smaller than a dime. Smart Cards, Our high energy density batteries are used in flexible micro-electronic solutions for smart security and payment cards. Their extreme flexibility ensures they will not break or crack when bent or flexed. Our ultra-thin designs are available as thin as 0.37mm. CTECHI can be integrated into hot lamination processes with temperatures of 135C. Our reliability is best in the industry with the highest energy density and product life profiles for small scale devices. Sensors & Labels, The multi-billion dollar smart label market is powered by batteries that are safe, reliable, ultra-thin, flexible, and can tolerate numerous physical challenges during shipment. We developed a thin and flexible battery for a temperature sensor, with printed electronic indicators for  temperature-sensitive shipments. These smart sensors ensure safety and freshness for perishable food products, allowing our clients to prioritize stocking choices based on temperature exposure and ensure shipping and handling requirements are met.
  • CTECHI 30V 18mAh Thin Film Battery Can be used in Alarm System
  • CTECHI Primary Ultra Thin Battery Can be used in Vehicle Charge Checking
  • CTECHI RFID Micro Battery Smart Cards
Company Advantages
1. The quality of CTECHi ultra-thin battery is guaranteed by the workmanship assessment. It will be evaluated in terms of its electromotive force, capacity, specific energy, and resistance. The product is always sold with accessories which are rigorously tested to be perfectly compatible
2. [企业简称] has strong technical force, rich production experience and advanced production equipment. Besides, we carry out the production based on advanced technology. All this ensures powerful performance and superior quality of ultra-thin battery.
3. The shape and form of the product can emphasize certain parts of the body while downplaying other less desirable parts. The product is aimed at being friendly to the environment
4. The product is precise and reusable. It ensures that its tasks are completed every time in accordance with standard specifications and procedures. It is of strong capacity and is easy to use
5. The product features a strong structure. It is not prone to deform or break under an external force such as impact or shock. Its research and development is carried out by 3 companies combined to be CTECHi Group

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Company Features
1. As a producer, CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd is popular in the international ultra slim battery market. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd has advanced production equipment and excellent manufacturing technology.
2. Our ultra-thin battery is technically supported.
3. High technology is a big helper when it comes to our high quality micro-thin battery . We will continue to provide professional, fast, accurate, reliable, exclusive, considerate assurance and quality services to ensure that our customers make the most of our cooperation. Inquire!
CTECHi ultra slim battery is completed by several basic processes, such as cutting, sewing, assembly, decoration and so on. The product can be customized with the effects like the integration of the metallic shimmer
CTECHi micro-thin battery has an excellent design. It is designed by our experts with the highest quality materials and finishes. The materials used in it are considered as the most outstanding environmental-friendly materials
CTECHi ultra-thin battery does not contain toxic chemicals, dyes or oils during processing, which means that this product does not contain residues from the process. The product can be added with pearls and gemstones for more uniqueness
CTECHi ultra slim battery is manufactured with precision. Its manufacturing process includes conventional machining, special processing, and heat treatment. The product not only serves as a daily necessity, but also looks like a chic artwork
The quality of CTECHi ultra slim battery is guaranteed. It has undergone comprehensive testing, including verifying appliance characteristics, measuring energy efficiency and energy consumption, energy class labeling and assuring electrical safety. Its non-porous attribute justifies its use in wet areas
The outstanding feature of this product lies in its high performance. The performance of the product is based on the needs of the customers in the industry. The product can be added with pearls and gemstones for more uniqueness
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