\'Powerful\' future ahead for lithium-ion battery

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Rapid means of communication and electronic equipment.
But no matter how high
These gadgets are high-tech and they still rely on humble batteries to make a living.
This kind of equipment has developed a lot over the years. Lithium-
Ion batteries have replaced basic carbon.
Also zinc and alkaline substances used in flashlight and TV remote control.
Now, a study on the power storage capacity of lithium
Ion batteries ensure a full range
The current equipment will be more effective in the future.
Small and simple packaging, lithium-
Ion batteries can be easily connected to the latest and stylish gadgets.
Its rechargeable properties have won the hearts of consumers.
According to a study by independent research firm Lux, lithium
The market for ion batteries has topped $10 billion.
However, these batteries are not without disadvantages.
Their high production costs and fragile technology do not make them the best bet.
As electronic devices get higher and higher
Technically, scientists are scrambling to make batteries that are small in size, cheap in price and long in life.
Currently, they are trying to increase energy output and improve technology with different components.
Researchers from the Swiss Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Empa have developed a nano-material consisting of tin crystals.
When lithium is added-
These crystals increase its energy storage.
Nano-tin crystals act as electrodes together with carbon and adhesives.
\"This has doubled the battery\'s power over conventional electrode storage,\" co-
The author of the study was published in the Journal of the American Society of Chemistry in February 15, 2013.
Many scientists say sodium will be the most viable solution for grid-scale technology.
\"Sodium is cheap and rich,\" Reza Shahbazian said . \"
Yassar, associate professor of materials science and engineering, Michigan University of Technology.
\"If we deal with the technology challenge, it\'s an economically viable technology.
\"Weight is not a problem for grid storage, we need cheap batteries,\" he said . \".
\"More specifically, the battery is lithium.
Over the past 20 years, ion batteries have made steady progress in performance.
\"It\'s time to adopt disruptive technology.
\"Hopefully this will happen to lithium.
Sulfur or sodiumion batteries.
Next-generation batteries, such as lithium, according to Luxair, lithium-
Sulfur and zinc
Air one may be available by 2024.
In order to store renewable energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy, batteries are not feasible due to technical problems such as small storage capacity, short life span and economic reasons.
Two researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada claim to have found an easy way to store green energy.
They developed a non-catalyst combination
Toxic metals with highly disordered or non-crystalline structures, such as iron, cobalt, and nickel.
The electrolytic unit can use this catalyst to accelerate the chemical reaction, converting electricity from renewable energy into chemical energy by dissolving moisture into hydrogen and oxygen fuels.
These chemical fuels can be stored and converted into electricity as long as they are needed.
\"Having cheap and efficient electronic catalysts will enable homeowners and energy companies to store and reuse intermittent power generation such as solar and wind power,\" the scientists said . \".
The study was published online in March 28, 2013.
This rechargeable battery is known for its high energy
Storage capacity.
Scientists say it may succeed in lithium-
Ion batteries because of its efficiency and low cost.
Also lighter than lithium-ion.
However, its success depends on eliminating some of its technical limitations, such as the short life span.
A team of scientists at the fraunhove Institute in Dresden, Germany, developed a different version of lithium-
Absorb sulfur by introducing Silicon
Carbon compounds in the battery system.
The team claimed that the improved battery life had been extended. This electro-
Chemical batteries use zinc and oxygen directly from the air.
It has high energy storage capacity and relatively low price.
From small batteries for hearing aids to large batteries for film cameras, it varies in size and range.
This technique is often present in hearing aids and may soon be applied in implantable medical devices.
Scientists at the Polish Institute of Physical Chemistry have developed a zinc-
Air battery with bio-touch.
They have made an electrode with the enzyme bilirubin oxide wrapped in carbon nanotubes.
This specially designed electrode is capable of providing 1.
1-6 V power supplyand-a-half week.
The study was published in April 15, 2013 and inIt is rechargeable using sodium
Ions that store energy.
Although the battery is still in its infancy, it will replace lithium-
Ion batteries have come out quickly due to high efficiency and low cost.
Salt dynamics formed in the form of sodium are considered promising.
Scientists at Tokyo University of Science in Japan have also turned to sugar to boost their sodium batteries.
They found that when carbon made of sugar is used in the battery, the battery capacity increases significantly.
The study, published in Advanced Energy Materials, also has high energy storage capabilities.
Sodium is cheaper and richer than lithium.
A study by the German Institute of Physical Chemistry shows that lithium is replaced with sodium metal
The air battery improves the charging capacity. Most lithium-
Limited use since the air battery is a single battery
Use, can not recharge.
This is due to the instability when lithium is combined with air.
However, scientists have found that sodium is stable even when combined with air, so it can be charged.
The study was published in the journal Nature Materials in December 2, 2012.
Air battery chemistry, using oxygen present in the atmosphere to react. A lithium-
The air battery has a high energy storage capacity because it uses oxygen in the air instead of storing oxygen inside.
Industry experts use this battery as one of the outstanding candidates for high energy storage devices in the future.
If commercialized, it may find major applications in the automotive industry
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