Porsche’s petrol-electric Cayenne SUV puts diesel on back burner

by:CTECHi     2020-04-04
New Cayenne E-
The hybrid is driven like a diesel and is not dirty, suspicious and noisy.
Gasoline in Porscheelectric plug-
SUV seems to be working to convince people to give up diesel, the engine is the first choice for buyers of large SUVs. . .
Even a brand like Porsche with outstanding performance.
Stephanie wither of Porsche motor Australia says about 60 of its Cayenne customers in Australia choose diesel.
Porsche engineers have upgraded the hybrid hardware for the latest models. The new plug-
In the feast, use the same assembly set as Panamera 4 E-
Hybrid launched last year.
2018 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid: Plug-in set-
Up is shared with Panamera 4 Source: supply this team a 3. 0-
High-rise turbo V6 engine with strong electric motor, 8-
Automatic and full speedwheel drive.
Like diesel, this combination provides great pull and good fuel efficiency.
However, owners never have to touch dirty diesel Botox nozzles or get their shoes dirty while walking through a slippery service station before a diesel leak.
It has been almost three years since the diesel door scandal broke out, and efficient and eco-friendly diesel doors have been tarnished
The company\'s friendly image of fuel and the reputation of the public, cheating on emissions standards.
Porsche and Audi and Skoda are part of the Volkswagen group.
As a result, consumers are abandoning diesel in many markets around the world.
There\'s no such problem. Hybrid.
The Porsche power system is more suitable for driving than diesel.
Its engine is smoother and quieter than the best diesel.
V6 happily rotates above 6000 rpm, in which case the diesel engine usually runs out of gas at much lower rpm.
Electric motor works with lively V6 for cayenne E-
Hybrid cars take off and climb the hill.
However, because the engine is happy to rotate, the power system of this SUV can be felt and the sound is moving --its 0-
The time of 100 km/h is a quick 5. 0 seconds.
Agile frugality: Punchy V6 is athletic, but E-
Hybrid power also has a useful 40 km electric rangeSource: supply Cayenne Electronics
Hybrid power can also operate in pure electric mode.
It\'s lithium.
The ion battery pack is fully charged, 2300 kg-
Can drive 40 km seats-
And it didn\'t start its fossil. fuel engine. Its lithium-
The ion battery stores the available energy at 11 KW and it takes about 8 hours to charge from a normal power outlet.
It is hidden under the spacious cargo compartment floor where you can find spare wheelsthe Cayenne E-
No hybrid.
It also has a slightly smaller tank than the non-tankhybrid version.
The luxury Porsche is powered enough to keep up with urban traffic, although its top speed in the \"E\" mode is limited to 135 km/h.
When the battery pack is low, E-
Hybrid switch to \"hybrid car\" mode, start the engine when power is needed, turn off the engine if possible to save fuel.
Switch: drivers can choose the source of economic or enthusiastic progress: use the dial mounted on the steering wheel
Hybrid drivers can switch between these modes, and can also get a more enthusiastic driving experience through movement and movement.
The default startup is electric-
Up mode (if there is enough power in the battery pack ).
From the driver\'s seat, it\'s easy to forget to push the constant exchange between the power supplies of this Cayenne.
It is powerful, smooth and quiet.
Soon, it may be a straight line, but Porsche feels bulky on the curve.
The steering is very direct, but its speed of movement is not suitable for things that are too high and too heavy to be really agile.
The optional air suspension bumps at low speed on the rugged road, but smoothly on the highway.
Particularly spacious interior: Australian imports will be sold at luxury prices
In a luxury carriage, E-
The hybrid works well and the interior is special and spacious. The up-to-
New third introduced date internal technology
Daika feast is an improvement, especially the large central screen and the neat center console.
Porsche cars will be imported from Australia
The hybrid is very luxurious and priced at $135,600.
Delivery will begin in July, one month later than gasoline peers. The E-
Hybrid is nearly $20,000 more expensive than basic V6
But $20,000 cheaper-
And the speed is almost-the high-
Feast S.
Porsche plans to add diesel to the Cayenne series
In the future.
Meanwhile, new e-commerce
The hybrid is a great choice.
Togh TORQUESource: maximum torque produced by supply Electric Motorspulling power —
From the moment they started spinning
The motor used in Porsche is small enough to slide between the vehicle\'s engine and transmission.
Although the maximum power is not super high, it can provide the power of 400Nm.
This is more torque than Companion 3. 0-litre V6 turbo.
Porsche Cayenne E-
HYBRIDSource: supply price $135,600 warranty 3 years/unlimited kmsecurity no charge Engine 3. 0-
6 liters of electric turbo;
Combined thirsty 340 KW/700 nm 3. 4L/100km0-100KM/H 5.
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