nissan and the electric vehicle battery conundrum

by:CTECHi     2020-03-29
As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, I have paid $99 to book a Nissan car (OTCPK:NSANY)LEAF all-
Electric cars.
According to Nissan, there were more than 16,100 people as of July.
I have received many emails since I put down my deposit
The email told me what a great car it would be, what a great choice I made for the environment, etc.
Of course, that\'s when I actually got the car.
So far, no one can tell me when I can deliver!
When I called Nissan, the representative gave me her answer: \"By the end of this year we will release it in some markets across the country, followed by next year\'s release to the entire US.
Since Nazareth in Pennsylvania is not a bustling metropolis, I wonder if it will become one of the \"select markets.
I hope to be the \"first leaf master\" in the northeast \"!
\"But Nissan and other electric car manufacturers have a much bigger problem than deciding which market to enter first . . . . . . The electric car warranty war seems to have made Nissan a little confused about how the Leaf\'s battery warranty is structured.
This has put Nissan in trouble (
Or maybe a competitive advantage)
Given that several of its competitors have announced their battery warranty.
Let\'s say, for example, average all
Electric car batteries cost about $16,000-much higher than the gasoline version of the same car-the battery warranty period is a big problem for all electric car manufacturers.
When I worked hard to complete the extensive survey that Nissan gave me, the company\'s problem became clear: when it comes to the battery warranty, what time and mileage do I feel comfortable?
It sounds like a fair question.
But the problem is that the average consumer knows nothing about the performance decline of lithium
Ion batteries over time.
Nissan admits that these batteries will degrade over time, and in five years you won\'t get the same range as when driving a car for the first time.
The survey said: \"Over time, all batteries, such as those on mobile phones, laptops and cars, will lose capacity.
Nissan Leaf will have about 100 miles of mileage when it comes to full time, but depending on usage and climate, this can be more or less.
What exactly does this mean?
Let\'s do a little translation: where you live is an important factor in determining the duration of the battery.
For example, if you live in a hilly area, you need more power than in a flat area, thus reducing the battery.
Therefore, the Florida people should enjoy the comfort of the car on flat terrain in winter.
However, when the air conditioner is turned on, they will have problems in the summer.
The battery will shrink again to power the compressor.
LEAF vs Volt: The War on electric vehicles continues . . . . . . Comparing leaves to Volt is like comparing apples to oranges.
Both are electric cars, but the similarities are here.
With the continuous development of the electric vehicle industry, the battery warranty will definitely become a competitive problem.
What about the price?
With the federal tax offer, the leaves I ordered will be around $25,280.
Pricing for Volt has not yet been announced.
Anyway, I plan to keep using the leaves . . . . . . Bypass the pump.
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