Market capacity development of flexible ultra-thin lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-12

The development of flexible ultra-thin lithium batteries has taken a big step. In order to further increase the flexibility of lithium battery placement, battery factories have begun to study flexible lithium battery architecture, which affects a series of technological changes such as battery material manufacturing process, battery cell stacking, electrolyte, circuit board, and battery module architecture. The screen size of mobile phones is increasing day by day, but the thickness is decreasing day by day. For lithium battery manufacturers, sacrificing the height of the Z axis of the product must maintain or increase the capacity by increasing the area, and even implement a flexible structure to improve the volume utilization. Let the thickness of the lithium battery continue to decrease, while the electric capacity increases significantly. In the future, wearable electronic devices such as smart watches and smart glasses, due to the tight system design space and the lack of flexibility in the placement of lithium batteries, will increase the demand for ultra-thin lithium batteries. Although the flexible battery supply chain is still immature, smart watch manufacturers have begun to introduce designs that will use the strap space to configure secondary batteries, and the watch body has a built-in lithium battery to extend the battery life of the device. Seeing the demand for flexible lithium batteries, existing battery cell manufacturers have used exclusive solid ceramic electrolytes, flexible circuit board substrates, special negative electrode materials and roll-to-roll process (RolltoRoll) technology to develop a flexible, highly reliable Lithium batteries with high energy density and excellent energy density will be officially mass-produced in the near future. Because the product uses solid ceramic electrolyte, compared with the traditional liquid electrolyte solution, it can ensure that the lithium battery will not be in contact with each other and cause a short circuit when the lithium battery is repeatedly used. Device application.

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