lithium iron phosphate battery: lifepo4

by:CTECHi     2021-07-01
Lithium iron battery is a lithium ion battery using iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
As cathode material
But first of all, we must understand what lithium batteries are in order to better understand the advantages of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries (
Or just lithium batteries)
Is a battery that uses lithium-based materials as a cathode and various other materials (
The most common graphite)as anode.
Due to its light weight, small form factor and long battery life, these batteries are usually present in portable devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras.
Lithium batteries have the advantage of using lithium, which is the most easily oxidized element.
This means that it can easily give up an electron and then power itself by the circuit.
The easier it is to remove electrons from the battery, the higher the efficiency, so the longer it lives.
In addition, lithium is the lightest metal known, so it is portable and the material is easy to form.
Lithium itself cannot be used as a cathode because it is so reactive that it immediately forms salt with non-lithium
Metal in the environment.
This is the most appropriate proof of the fact that lithium in natural form or elemental form cannot be found in nature.
More often, it exists in the form of lithium chloride and other halides.
In addition, natural lithium can ignite spontaneously and even react violently with water, which requires storing it in oil.
This means that lithium compounds must be used in order to make lithium a cathode.
These compounds must produce ions when decomposing, and must have an easily reversible reaction in order to be used as a rechargeable battery.
A good example of the lithium compound used is lithium iron phosphate (LI).
In 1996, lithium batteries were developed at the University of Texas as a cheap way to make lithium batteries.
Thanks to the \"partner\" of lithium, it is cheap and relatively rich in iron compared to other metals used to make lithium compounds in batteries.
Its advantage is that the discharge speed is slow in the lithium battery, which means that the shelf increaseslife.
It can be observed that the reaction produces lithium ion, iron (III)phosphate (FePO4). Iron (III)
Non-phosphate or iron phosphate
Unlike the other form of iron, which is toxic (II)phosphate (Fe3(PO4)2).
In fact, phosphate is used as an iron supplement for humans, indicating that it is safe for human consumption.
This is the main reason why lithium iron phosphate is more popular than other lithium. Battery based. Other lithium-
More common lithium ion batteries etc.
A cobalt battery that produces more toxic cobalt oxide compounds.
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