Knowledge introduction of lithium battery PACK industry

by:CTECHi     2021-07-19

Battery PACK generally refers to a combined lithium battery pack, mainly refers to the processing and assembly of lithium battery packs. In fact, the process of lithium battery PACK is not difficult, and you can assemble the battery yourself by mastering this technology. With the increasing demand for lithium battery packs, there are more and more battery pack PACK companies. Today I will talk about the composition and characteristics of lithium battery packs. Lithium battery PACK composition and characteristics 1. Battery pack PACK composition PACK includes battery pack, busbar, flexible connection, protection board, outer packaging, output (including connector), barley paper, plastic bracket and other auxiliary materials together to form PACK . 2. Characteristics of battery pack ①Lithium battery pack PACK requires batteries to have a high degree of consistency (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life). ②The cycle life of the battery pack PACK is lower than that of a single battery. ③Used under limited conditions (including charging, discharging current, charging method, temperature, etc.) ④The battery voltage and capacity of the lithium battery pack PACK are greatly improved after molding, and must be protected by charging equalization, temperature, voltage and Overcurrent monitoring. ⑤The battery pack PACK must meet the voltage and capacity requirements required by the design. 3. The way of survival of battery PACK enterprise The technical difficulties of PACK lies in the structure, thermal management, protection level and other issues. The general direction is divided into two aspects: one is the BMS technology, which is mainly reflected in the specific needs of the specific vehicle models of the car manufacturers. Carry out BMS research and development; the second is the structural design of the PACK. The vehicle manufacturers have relatively high requirements for the volume, weight, thermal management and tightness of the PACK. It is conceivable that if lithium battery pack PACK companies want to develop well, they must rely on more professional technology and better cost control capabilities than battery manufacturers, vehicle companies, and more professional automation equipment to achieve integration with the vehicle The stable cooperation of the factory is fortunate that the PACK company has a strong understanding of the customization requirements of the power battery system. 4. What is the power output of a lithium battery PACK assembly? The power output of a battery refers to the ability to output energy per unit time. It is calculated based on the discharge current I and the discharge voltage, Pu003dU*I, the unit is watts. The smaller the internal resistance of the battery, the higher the output power. The internal resistance of the battery should be smaller than the internal resistance of the electrical appliance. Otherwise, the battery itself consumes more power than the electrical appliance, which is uneconomical and may damage the battery. Under the condition of rated voltage, the output power of the battery increases with the increase of the electrode surface area and the increase of the working temperature, and vice versa.

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