Japan is developing a new type of lithium battery that does not require cobalt

by:CTECHi     2021-08-04

Japan’s Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. recently said that its technical staff and the Kyoto University research team have developed new materials for lithium batteries that do not require the rare metal cobalt, and trial-produced new types of lithium batteries. This kind of lithium battery is expected to get rid of dependence on cobalt and greatly reduce production costs.

The research team headed by technicians from Matsushita Electric Corporation and Kyoto University professor Junichi Yoshida has developed a new organic material using lithium and carbon, focusing on the composition of the material. It overcomes the problem that organic electrodes are easily dissolved into the electrolyte during the ion movement process, and successfully trial-produced a new type of lithium battery that does not use cobalt as the electrode material. The results show that the battery produced by the new material has the same capacity as the lithium battery with the cobalt-containing material as the electrode.

Experiments show that the lithium battery produced by this new material is charged and discharged 100 times, and its capacity attenuation does not exceed 20%. The researchers said that they will continue to improve the new materials, at least to increase the life of the battery to between 500 to 1,000 times of charging and discharging, and then commercial production.

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