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by:CTECHi     2020-01-18
The Indian government has requested the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro)
Allows manufacturers interested in producing native lithium
Including ion batteries in the private sector for access to technology for mass production.
Isro will now provide a framework for this process.
The Vikram Sarabhai Space Center under Isro has developed native technology to make such a high
Power batteries for cars and electronics
The vehicle and its feasibility test on the vehicle were successful.
More than six major car companies, battery manufacturers and public sector companies have approached Isro.
Renault, Hyundai, Nissan, Tata Motors, high-energy batteries, BHEL and Indian oil companies have shown interest in producing native lithiumion batteries.
Trade union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari seeks help from isro to develop local technology for lithium
So their prices are accessible to Indian customers.
Isro earlier developed similar batteries for satellite and launch vehicle applications.
Here, the government has set an ambitious goal to promote more use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution, which has become one of the biggest health problems.
The battery is a key component of any electric vehicle.
At present, all lithium
Ion batteries are imported and expensive.
This battery has high
But these batteries are smaller in weight and smaller in size compared to conventional batteries.
Isro and BHEL may soon finalize a memorandum of understanding for the manufacture of such batteries, sources said.
The cabinet secretary asked Isro to establish a framework that would enable interested private participants to access technology for mass production.
It is not enough to have just one organization that produces them.
An official attending the meeting said that the cost will only decline if we have a lot of production to meet the demand.
The meeting was chaired by carari.
Government documents show the cost of lithium
Due to the small purchase volume, the price of ion batteries is high.
Mass sourcing and mass production can reduce costs by 80%, which is the key to driving demand.
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