is it safe to use lithium batteries in led flashlights?

by:CTECHi     2020-01-09
You may have heard that LED flashlights using AA lithium batteries run hotter and die faster.
Is there any reason for this?
The short answer is: there may be questions, but there may be only \"cheap\" LED flashlights --
That is to say, there is a lack of circuit that limits the current flowing through the LED.
There should be no problem using lithium batteries in the well
Design with current LED flashlight
Protect the internal limiting circuit of the led.
We\'re not talking about rechargeable lithium batteries like laptops, mobile phones, cameras, tablets and high-powered devicesEnd the flashlight.
Consumer reports do not test these separately (
Although we did test battery life for built-in portable devices and tools
Lithium battery).
We mean single. use or primary-
Lithium Battery (
Actually lithium.
But only industry experts call them that).
These are all AA-sized and are the types we test and report in our ratings.
Be sure to visit our AA battery purchase guide and rating.
In theory, single
Using AA batteries, both lithium batteries and alkaline batteries, should be in 1. 5-
Requirements for Volt batteries.
Technically, this is not always the case. Here\'s why.
If you load a battery, its voltage will \"drop \"(
Reduce in a short period of time)
A reaction called internal resistance.
With the use and aging of the battery, the internal resistance will increase and the load required for the voltage drop will gradually decrease.
The voltage of fresh lithium batteries is slightly higher compared to alkaline batteries, and the internal resistance is also small, so they will allow more voltage to reach the LEDs, which means bright light is goodwhile it lasts!
The power of the Led is higher, which means that the led will heat up and die faster.
However, in practice, the lithium battery voltage will drop to 1 after a short period of time.
6 V, which is safe enough for most flashlights and other devices.
Please be sure to read the user instructions for the device-
If so—
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