Interpretation of Volvo's EV battery system

by:CTECHi     2021-07-22

Lithium Grid News: On the eve of the Geneva Motor Show, various car companies are putting out their own new EV models. Volvo has put out a 78kWh power battery system from its new brand, just like the PSA seen yesterday. The plan is also a method of piled up.

The current appearance of this battery system is, from the perspective of the XC40 concept version released in 2017, it has evolved all the way. The following three pictures show the process of continuous module increase.

According to calculations, there are 27 modules, each with 12 lithium batteries, a total of 324 lithium batteries, each of which is 66Ah, which is arranged at a comparative limit. 108 string ways. How to count these 27 modules, according to this picture, there are 14 modules in the bottom left (3*4) + 2 modules, 11 modules in the two rows on the right (upper five and lower six), and 2 modules in the middle, totaling 27. A.

The gif picture of the entire connection structure can be seen more clearly

There are distributed CSC and bronze medal structures. In order to connect these irregular module layouts, it took a lot of effort. The raised part of the upper cover is the position of the CSC shell.

Look at this from the side

The overseas version uses this LG Chem lithium battery cell, and the domestic version is equivalent Under the condition of the module, 6 kWh of electricity is lost.

In order to pack enough lithium batteries as much as possible in the limited space, all the space in the bag has been used to place the modules, and some electrical components are placed in The upper part of the battery, under the seat, is similar to the Model 3 position.

The mass production time of this car is at the beginning of 2020. It is produced and exported from China to the United States and Europe. The price range is 3.99-59,900 pounds.

Remarks: The price seems to be seen , Is the 78kWh version of 63,000 US dollars. This low-cost version may need to further reduce the lithium battery, which may be reduced from 108 strings to 90 strings. Remove some modules.

Remarks: I saw this in the early days, and the 100kWh version was defined in 2017. It may be placed on the larger model derived from XC60u0026XC90, CMA The one above seems to be almost piled up.

Summary: In order to keep the mileage from losing, everyone can fight for it.

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