How to recover if the lithium battery cannot be charged

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

With the change of battery storage materials, the emergence of lithium batteries has replaced the original old batteries, and the lithium battery itself has a'self-discharge' characteristic. If the lithium battery is used as a storage power device, if it is not used for a long time The power of the lithium battery will be'discharged by itself', and many friends do not know how to restore it. This article will talk about how to recover the lithium battery if it is not charged.

1. Replace the charger

Take mobile phones as an example, mobile phones use'single lithium battery', When this type of lithium battery 'cannot be chargedTo know that lithium batteries are smart batteries, you must use the original charging equipment when charging.

When the charging port is damaged, the data cable is damaged, or the charging plug is damaged, the battery cannot be charged normally, and the damaged device or component must be replaced before it can be charged normally.

Second, replace the lithium battery

Although the lithium battery is a substitute for the old battery, the lithium battery is the same as the old battery , It has a service life. In the case of a complete discharge, the service life is about 500 times. During daily use, the charge cycle and discharge cycle of the lithium battery will also accelerate the life loss of the lithium battery.

If the lithium battery we use has reached the end of its life, the lithium battery cannot be charged normally. The only solution is to directly replace a new lithium battery, there is no other way.

3. Low-voltage charging method

If the lithium battery we use is a car’s “large capacity” lithium battery, when When the lithium battery is left unused for a long time, based on the self-discharge characteristics of the lithium battery, the battery is in a low-voltage state. At this time, the lithium battery will definitely not be charged.

You can use a low-voltage charger to charge the lithium battery. After the battery has a little charge, use the original charger to charge it. However, this method is only suitable for some lithium batteries, and it does not work for some lithium batteries to use this method.

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