How to increase the number of charge and discharge cycles for rechargeable lithium batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-17

The new type of lithium battery uses materials that are compatible with the electrolyte, this material is wet, and the chemical composition is stable. The evaporation power of the dielectric is low and the electrochemical stability is good, thereby improving the packaging and safety of the battery. Moreover, this battery can be operated at a medium temperature below 100°C, so it is suitable for automobiles, communications and many other aspects.

In addition to the lithium anode, this new type of lithium battery also has a titanium disulfide cathode and an electrode composed of LIA3F6. The dispenser is coated with a surface active agent and contains a special binding force formula in the cathode, which is compatible with the new electrode. The results show that the cycle life of this battery is twice that of the best-performing battery.

Sulphone-based dielectric fluids. For example, 3MeS is a heterocyclic compound. The reason why these compounds are chosen as dielectric fluids is that they are more resistant to oxidation than the commonly used 2MeTHF dielectric fluids. And anti-reduction effect is strong. In addition, the dielectric fluid also has the characteristics of lower melting point and higher boiling point, so the use temperature is wider. But at the same time, they have extremely high polarity and cannot wet the non-polar materials of the dispenser. Therefore, the surface layer of the dispenser needs to be coated with velvet or silicon-dimethoxine as a surfactant. These substances can make the dielectric fluid wet the dispenser without affecting the stability of the electrode.

In order to improve the mechanical stability of the cathode, ethylene-polyvinyl chloride and its polymer are used as a binder to replace the polytetrafluoroethylene used in the past. Since the dielectric fluid cannot make the material damp, it is necessary to add a sulfone compound to maintain its wettability

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