How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-02-28
Golf cart batteries are usually lead-acid batteries, similar to those on your car or truck.
The difference is that the golf cart battery is 6-
Volt battery while the battery on your car or truck is 12 V.
There is another important difference.
The battery on your car or truck keeps charging when you drive, but the battery on the golf cart will run out almost completely at the end of the day, depending on how much it is used.
Running out of batteries can lead to shorter battery life, so it is important to properly charge golf cart batteries every day.
Wear safety goggles and gloves.
Remove the plastic fill cap from all the batteries of the battery.
Check each cell and add distilled water to any low cell using a Turkish toaster.
The water should cover exactly the top of the plate in the battery;
Don\'t fill in too much.
When charging, the full battery will boil.
Check the battery for leaks, broken containers and other damage.
The smell of stinky eggs is a sign of leakage.
Charging a leaking battery can be very dangerous.
Plug in the battery charger and connect the red charging wire to the positive pole (+)
Post the golf cart battery and connect the Black charging wire to the negative pole (-)
Post for battery.
Set the voltage of the charger to charge 6-volt battery (
On some chargers, you need to set the voltage to 2 manually. 3 or 2. 35 volts)
Turn on the charger.
A 80% recharge can be done in two hours, but the last 20% can take six or more hours.
If your battery has Manual time, charge your cart for two to three times longer than you drive.
For automatic devices, overnight charging is required to get the best results.
Check each battery to see if it needs to be refilled after the charging process, because the charging process sometimes causes the battery to evaporate moisture.
Only distilled water is used and only each cell is filled until the water covers the top of the plate.
Don\'t fill the water with the lid all the time.
Replace the filler cover.
After using the golf cart, charge it every night.
If the trolley is not used for a few days, the battery should be charged at least twice a week.
Don\'t run out of your battery all the way.
The updated variety of battery chargers will not work on dead batteries.
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