heated glove liners ver. 2

by:CTECHi     2019-12-31
This is a revised version of my previous project.
The structure is simplified, the wires are no longer exposed, and flexibility is added.
For many people like me, keeping your fingers warm while going out in the winter is a constant challenge.
For those of us who have Renault syndrome, it is even more acute that our bodies cut off the circulation of the limbs under cold exposure.
Further complications occur when engaging in an activity that requires grabbing objects, such as riding a bicycle, compressing the palm insulation of the glove and reducing its effectiveness.
The chemical heater is large in size and is usually not suitable for placing in regular gloves and may not be heated to the fingers where needed.
The solution is a pair of thin liners with battery-powered heat that can slide into your favorite gloves and pass on to all 5 digits!
You can choose to heat the front or rear of the liner.
The heat is generated by a carbon fiber rope that connects the glove lining of your choice.
This project involves connecting the carbon fiber heating loop to a pair of glove pads and connecting each to 7. 4 volt battery.
The resulting temperature drops as the length increases, which is why separate loops are connected in parallel (
The finger is covered by a piece, but it acts as two loops due to its wired way).
Since we are making an electronic circuit, carbon fiber needs to go up and down each digit without crossing.
One ring covers both sides of the thumb, the second ring covers the index finger/middle finger, and the third ring covers the ring/small finger.
Depending on how you plan to use gloves, you can also add switches, power plugs, and thermostats. Warm or Warmer?
The carbon Hot rope linked in the shopping list generates many times more heat than is needed in this glove pad application.
Fortunately, the rope is a loose tissue made up of 12 smaller strands of fiber, which gives us the opportunity to further stretch the material and the warmth of a custom glove.
After separating the smaller ropes, we will re-
Pack 2 or 3 of them together.
When inserted directly into 7, the gloves made with 2 bundles reach about 38 °C.
4 v battery and 0. 53 amps.
This is a temperature close to the commercial heated gloves I have used and no thermostat is required.
The test gloves I made with all 12 bundles attracted a lot of 2.
6 amps, hot soon.
So more bundles = more heat and shorter battery life.
I made a Test ring with 3 bundles and observed that the current is about 50% higher than the 2 bundles, so I would estimate that the gloves constructed with 3 bundles of ropes can draw about 0. 75 amps.
Gloves made with 3 bundles of gloves can reach about 50 °c.
For any glove that uses more than two bundles of fiber, I would definitely recommend using a thermostat switch or more
Set the power controller to limit the peak temperature.
Gloves made of 2 bundles of rope for battery life, draw a constant of 0. 53 amps (
Did not take into account the battery is affected by the cold)
Could be more than 4.
5 hours on 2,600 mah Li
Battery for ion bike headlights, or 2.
The 1,500 LiPo drone battery charges for 5 hours.
With an extra draw for 3 bundles, these numbers could be 3. 25 hour on Li-
Ion, below 2 on LiPo, but since the thermostat should be used, the power will cycle, so the running time may be higher.
Items you may need to order as well as links to sample items: optional items depending on the design selection: Other items you may already have: separate rope bundles make a heating loop (
See the warm discussion in the overview to decide if 2 or 3 bundles are required in your heating loop)
Connect the positive line to the full length loop. The fabric cover will protect the heating loop that is easily worn out and hide most of the lines.
As the fabric is loose and elastic, transparent vinyl is attached to the pattern to help cut.
You can also use temporary fabric adhesive spray.
Using double sided fabric tape, the heating circuit will be added and then covered with fabric.
The stretch of the fabric tape is limited, so it is applied in sections, not in single pieces, to maintain the flexibility of the gloves.
If you prefer to sew the fabric, fix the hot loop with enough tape.
The heating circuit can be added at the back or front of the finger.
In addition to the fabric placement, the construction process for both is almost the same.
I prefer the heat at the front of my hand when cycling in winter, because I always catch the cold handle.
Finger heat loop thumb heat loop whether you put the heat loop in front of the back of your finger or not, the wiring will be done on the back of your hand, as shown below.
For the wires that cause the battery, you can let them exit by the wrist, or cut a small hole so that they can exit by the back of the hand.
You should then look around the gloves for any area where you can use some extra tape and fabric to cover exposed wires or heating circuits.
Be especially careful around the index finger area and don\'t let any positive and negative cycles touch each other.
Applying a little silicone on the outlet hole of the wire can help to prevent the fabric from tearing.
The power switch, because the purpose is to use these gloves in heavier gloves, it is better for the optional switch to connect to the lead near the battery rather than to the glove itself.
If you use a switch, you can also add LED between the switch and the glove to indicate when power is on.
Power plug you can choose to make the wire long enough to reach the battery, or install a DC Barrel connector on the glove and make an extension cable to connect to the battery.
Choose the option that best suits you.
BatteryEach gloves are driven by 7. 4 v battery pack.
They have lithium polymer or lithium ion with larger capacity.
Many suitable batteries can be found on the AliExpress, and some even include built-in batteries
Output at multiple power levels.
There are multiple power controllers/switches
By setting the heated garment controller through the AliExpress, some can be connected online with the battery pack, while others can fit into the glove itself.
One source I found for the battery/power controller is: the connector connects a male DC Barrel connector on a glove that matches the battery Jack.
The common size is 5. 5 x 2. 1 mm, and 3. 5 x 1. 35 mm.
You should then be ready to enjoy the outdoor heating for a few hours.
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